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“…our spiritual life is not ended with creativity but rather we are to employ creativity for the sake of personal and social transformation.” ~Meister Eckhart, paraphrased by Matthew Fox

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March, 2015

Knowing by Heart.

spring buds


This Sunday when we gather for our combined service at 10:00, it’s going to be a joyous time! We’ll be singing a lot with the help of the Unitics and the Tunitics, meeting our council and staff, and celebrating this spiritual family and all the ways we support each other.



“You can survive on your own; you can grow strong on your own; you can prevail on your own; but you cannot become human on your own.” ~Frederick Buechner



I find that a profound thought to ponder as we continue to grow together in our Unity.


Springtime blessings!


March, 2015

The Trouble with Assumptions.




“Well, I just assumed that you…”


Uh-oh! Assumptions are one of the ways that we create miscommunications and make life more difficult for ourselves.


Our 3rd principle talks about the power we have to create our experiences; Don Miguel Ruiz addresses this power in his book, The Four Agreements.


“My favorite name for the One I worship in wonder, the only name that does not limit God, is ‘Surprise.'”  ~ David Steindl-Rast


This Sunday we will be exploring the practice of letting go of our assumptions—especially as it applies to our relationships with each other. Letting go of assumptions creates space for surprise and being receptive in the present moment.


And yes, breaking down the word “assume” absolutely begs for humor! Happy Equinox!!



March, 2015

Have Faith—Spring is Almost Here.

spring. jpg


As I write this, the sun is determined to penetrate the layers of clouds and to make a radiant appearance in my window with a sudden burst of dazzling “voila!”



The branches still look dead, dried up berries from last year cling tenaciously to the bare twigs and yet… spring is coming.



I can see it in the way the alpacas are beginning to dance and the birds to sing: hold on, have faith, life is abundant – it may have looked empty for a while, but that will pass!



Don’t give up. Love will have her way and with an outpouring of joy, she too will say “voila!”