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“Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in the garage makes you a car.” ~Billy Sunday

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April, 2015

Affirmative Prayer.



A lot is happening this Sunday!


We will be joined by Paul Chet along with Todd Silas as our guest musicians; we are christening Arlene Kramer’s great-granddaughter, Emilie Sophia Soto, during the second service; the international service trip group will hear a presentation by Trees, Water, and People at 9:30 in the “Myrtle Room;” and after church, volunteers will remove carpet from the “Big Room” to prepare for new flooring.


We are blessed with abundance!!


“The role of the gardener, or parent then, is simply to ask, ‘How do I help it grow into what is in its roots?” ~Dawna Markova

I will be talking about the 4th Unity principle and the way that affirmative prayer brings us back and reminds us of our deep union with the Divine. In the “Practice of Thriving” group that meets on Wednesday evenings, we begin and end with a meditation that is a beautiful example of affirmative prayer:
~ We open our hearts in appreciation of each person present, and hold space for all to accept the abundance of the universe.
~ We are grateful for the spiritual growth that is unfolding, and commit to co-creating a space of unlimited possibility.
~ We open our heats in appreciation of each person present, and hold space for all to accept the abundance of the universe.


Infinite blessings all around!

April, 2015

It Ain’t What it Used to Be.



I have mixed feelings as I prepare my talk for Easter Sunday. In the midst of the fun celebration and the bright colors and the honoring of new life, there is this attempt to acknowledge a profound spiritual experience that is really beyond words (I seem to find most profound truths difficult to articulate!).


We call this experience “resurrection.” But the problem is, in order for resurrection to happen, something has to die. To be able to celebrate resurrection always means having to let go of something.

It is really only after we have faced fear and discomfort that we can understand liberation.

It is only after we have walked through a certain amount of darkness that we can be permeated by the light.

It is only after we have entered the depths of despair that we can truly know the power of resurrection.

Elizabeth Lesser in Broken Open says: “I have also seen another way to deal with a fearful change or a painful loss. I call this other way the “Phoenix Process,” named for the mythical phoenix bird who remains awake through the fires of change, rises from the ashes of death, and is reborn into his most vibrant and enlightened self.”

And so as I wish you a “Joyous Easter,” I honor the process in each of us as we come to understand the power of those words.


Love, Peggy