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“Kind thoughts transcend space and time. . . . No matter where people are in life, kindness makes them celebrate together.” ~out of “The Healing Power of Kindness,” by Jean Maalouf

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October, 2015

Fearlessly and Wondrously Prosperous.

dandelionin crack


A recent reading in Unity’s Daily Word (October 27, 2015) really spoke to me:

“I am fearlessly and wondrously prosperous. Life presents many opportunities to demonstrate strength and courage. I may stretch myself and increase my gifts to my church. Or I may leave the security of a relationship or job to better care for myself. Every time I practice courage, I contribute to my prosperity…”

As a follow-up to the last couple of talks—developing trust in the goodness of God as we live with questions and mystery—and as we welcome the Goodtime Travelers to our service this Sunday, I find this the perfect theme to explore.

Looking forward to celebrating Sunday morning with you!

Love, Peggy

October, 2015

What’s Your Gospel?



Last Sunday we reflected a bit on living the questions and being willing to admit the number of things we don’t know. Being with mystery and not knowing has made me think about a passage from 1 Corinthians 13 about, among other things, trust—which I am going to explore further this Sunday. This translation is by Eugene Peterson.

“We do not yet see things clearly. We are squinting in a fog, peering through the mist, but it will not be long before the weather clears and the sun shines bright. We will see it all then, see as clearly as God sees us, knowing God as directly as God knows us. But for right now, until that completeness comes, we have three things to do. Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly.”

Enjoy today’s mist!  It is beautiful.  🙂





October, 2015

Living the Questions.



Lately the theme of “I don’t know” has been coming up a lot for me.  I have noticed that I can spend a lot of time trying to figure out reasons for things that have a much bigger picture than I could possibly know.


And yet, it can be so hard just to say it: “I don’t know.”  Living with questions is one of the themes that Rilke addressed in his “Letters to a Young Poet.”



In fact he invites us to “love the questions themselves!” I look forward to exploring this topic with you on Sunday.  In the meantime, may the vivid colors of this beautiful Fall bless you richly!



October, 2015

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