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“Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles. It empties today of its strength.” ~Corrie Ten Boom

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November, 2015

Cherry Like the Fruit.



My gratitude is so huge right now my heart feels like bursting! I LOVE THIS UNITY COMMUNITY! Besides the many ways people are participating, leading activities, sharing talents, volunteering (as you can see when you read the weekly updates or look at the website or Facebook), I am continually moved by the wisdom and the caring and the stories in this community.



I invite you to celebrate just a taste of this with me on Sunday as Grace Cooley shares some sweet musings on gratitude, Laury Browning shares a reflection on a powerful lesson she learned about being present and loving, Kirsten Bolton shares a moving song with her luscious voice, and we thank Leane for the incredible ways she has moved us forward these past 2 years! It all reminds me that spiritual community is much richer—and more fun!—when it is a potluck rather than a buffet.
Happy Thanksgiving!




November, 2015

All These Gifts.

all these gifts


This past Sunday, our Unity band sang a beautiful Brother Sun song, “Love is the Power that Wears Down the Rock.” It has been going through my mind ever since.



That statement is such a powerful Truth—one that it is imperative that we remember and live, especially in the midst of all the turmoil in our dear world. What a gift songwriters are!



Speaking of gifted songwriters, this Sunday we are happy to welcome Jan and JD to Unity to share music and the message. Their talk title will be “All These Gifts.”



“All These Gifts” is a joyful musical message about the art of appreciation, gratitude, and embracing the darkness as well as the light, to celebrate the spirit of Christmas past, present, and future—as well as honor and give voice to other mystical traditions of the season.

May Love sing her sweet song in every breath we take.


November, 2015

A Place of Communion.



Thomas Merton said, the deepest level of communication is not communication, but communion. That strikes a deep chord in my heart.



Sunday we will explore what it means to be in communion, to be fully present with each other, to BE together, looking at one another from a different place deep within us, looking with the eyes of Love.



Cory Carroll, Gerald Gates, Terry Meyer, and Franklin will be sharing beautiful music on that theme, including Brother Sun’s “Love Is the Water.”



In Love,


November, 2015

Letting the Leaves Fall Where They May.



I recently came across a post from the National Wildlife Federation, encouraging people not to rake their leaves, to “let the leaves stay where gravity left them,” because dead leaves are important habitats for all kinds of critters.



That advice resonated with me on multiple levels—both literally and metaphorically. 



What would it be like if we more often let things be as they are? What would it be like if we weren’t always tidying up after Mother Nature? What would it be like if we were willing to surrender to life as it shows up just a little bit more, to allow things to unfold naturally? Vasant Lad says, “Surrender is the river that will deliver you back to the ocean of cosmic consciousness.”


As we reflect together on these things on Sunday, we will also receive a special treat, as Virginia Febinger tells a pertinent story about a miser who is taught the art of letting go by a ghost!



Love, Peggy