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“Joy is exactly what’s happening minus our opinion of it.” ~Charlotte Joko Beck

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December, 2015

So Full of Joy and Gratitude.


Toy drive 2 2011

Dear friends,
My heart is so full of joy and gratitude for all of you this Christmas. Thank you for all of your beautiful, kind affirmations of me this week. What an amazing and powerful experience it is to receive so many expressions of love. It has made me even more aware of what a priceless gift we give when we take the time to say our gratitude out loud and to name the good we see in each other. I thank you for your incredible gift of love to me this Christmas. I pray for healing and peace in all the ways each of you most needs at this time, trusting that you too will receive incredible gifts of appreciation and love in this magical season.
Abundant Joy,

December, 2015

Joy is Ever Green.


IMG_7412 crop
Joy is an ever green, mysterious wonder, who lives in the heart of every one of us.


Sometimes her voice is a quiet whisper, sometimes a vibrating hum, sometimes an exuberant shout. At times it seems as though she has disappeared, but no! We must simply look more deeply. She can always be found, even in the shadows. For those who pay attention, she is ever present, singing her love song through darkest night and deepest despair.



Perhaps I’ll see you on this last Sunday before Christmas when we will reflect further on Joy. May your week be filled with ever deeper awareness of this evergreen companion in your life!



Love, Peggy

December, 2015

Drunk with Love.

drunk with love


Philip Simmons in Learning to Fall said:  “When we stop seeing the world as a “problem” to be solved, when instead we open our hearts to the mystery of our common suffering, we may find ourselves where we least expected to be: in a world transformed by love.”



God may do something silly at any time, because, like any lover, God does not reason. God is drunk with love.  ~ Ernesto Cardenal


Yes!  Love, love, love, love!  It all, all ways, always comes down to Love.  I hope you are taking time out during this season to be in Love and to recognize the numerous ways Love manifests! And when you find yourself not feeling peaceful,




🙂 in Love,

December, 2015

Truthful, Gentle, and Fearless.



My dear friends,

When the news assaults our sense of justice, when we hear a seemingly unending litany of hurt and despair, that is the very time we must not give up our hope for the world! We must not give up our trust in Peace on Earth. We must reach deep down into the very depths of our souls and know. Know the peace that passes understanding.

And in that deep place of knowing, our peace will radiate out to calm all struggles everywhere. When we live and breathe in gentleness, we become an oasis for all those who hurt, and we become Healers together.

“The key word for our time is practice; we have all the light we need. We just need to put it into practice.” ~ Peace Pilgrim

See you Sunday for further reflections on Peace!
Love, Peggy