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“In addition to a sense of humor, a basic support for a joyful mind is curiosity…” ~Pema Chodron

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February, 2016

Learning to Love Yourself.


love3Sunday happens to be Valentine’s Day. Yet another holiday that can be tender and wonderful for some, while bringing up loneliness and grief for others. As with all of life, there are lessons to be learned and healing to be given no matter what our situation. I have a friend in her 80’s who recently said to me, “I finally understand that all life is about coming back home to your Self and returning to your Source.”

For me, learning to love myself is a key part of coming home to mySelf. And that learning is definitely a life-long journey for me.

There are times when I can really access that Knowing, that Love. And then there are those times when it feels impossibly far away, and I struggle like hell to find my way back.

What better day to reflect on the theme of Self Love than Valentine’s Day? As Oscar Wilde said, “Learning to love yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

(Have you ever seen that on a Hallmark card?)


In Love with you,

February, 2016




February 7th is a special day for me.


It’s the day my German grandmother was born. And it’s the day my grandson was born. Maria and Felix. Two powerful names for two amazing people.


There’s even more to the story.
So I have to do a talk on synchronicity on Sunday. Super Bowl or not.
(Oh, and by the way, my daughter—Felix’s mother—was born on Super Bowl Sunday!)
In Joy and Gratitude, Peggy