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“The life of peace is both an inner journey toward a disarmed heart and a public journey toward a disarmed world.” ~John Dear

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May, 2016

Curiosity Roused the Cat.

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It has been said that “curiosity killed the cat.” But curiosity is an important spiritual practice! Not in the sense of being nosy or getting into other people’s business, but in terms of an approach to life.


Instead of reacting too quickly to things, we can choose to say, “Hmm-mm… I wonder what is going to be revealed.”  Instead of dwelling in the land of fear, we can say, “I’m curious about where this is leading.”


James Stevens, in The Crock of Gold, says, “Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.”  Another good quote is: “We need to approach our state of mind with curiosity and open wonder. That curious listening to life is a joy—no matter what the mood of our life is.” — Charlotte Joko Beck


This coming Sunday we will do a “group talk” on curiosity. What stories do you have of a time when you responded with curiosity or a time when you chose to follow your curiosity and it led you to a deeper encounter with Spirit?


Curiously, Peggy


PS – I am curious about what songs people are going to want to sing on Sunday, since Franklin has declared it’s “people’s choice!” Sunday. (i.e., you get to request what you want to sing!)

May, 2016

The Work of Community.


Being in community with each other can sometimes be challenging.


As spiritual beings in human form, we each have our individual temperaments, personalities, experiences, opinions, “likes and dislikes,” biorhythms, etc, etc, etc. Sometimes I think it’s miraculous that we ever get along!


“It takes all of us together to hold all of us    together.” ~ Leane Gabel


But as humans, we are not called to be little islands. Furthermore, the work that we do in relationship with each other is a powerful part of our personal growth, as well as of healing the planet.



This Sunday, my talk will address this work of being in community. How do we practice deep listening (not fixing), intimacy, being real? How do we create safe space for all of us?



It takes work! And commitment.



But it is worth it. As Leane Gabel said to me recently, “It takes all of us together to hold all of us together.”



Have a beautiful rest of your week. Here comes the sun!







PS:  Last week’s talk was about every problem having a solution. On Monday I received an interesting email about an upcoming Ft Collins film festival on this very topic! “Transitions—Out of the Ashes Springs Hope” is a 4-part documentary series that takes challenges and shows how creative input can bring about positive change. The first film, The Justice System & Restorative Justice, will show on Wednesday, June 8 at 7pm at Wolverine Farm & Publik House, 316 Willow. For information about the whole series, please visit Institute for Peace and Harmony.

May, 2016

Rising Above Problems.

kindness edit


I have a wonderful memory of a time when my daughter was little, had some friends over, and a huge argument erupted. I invited all the children to sit in a circle and say one thing they liked about each other.



They all shared and pretty soon, amidst a lot of giggles, they jumped up and ran outside to play, happy as little clams. It’s amazing how a simple shift in focus can completely change things.



“Kind thoughts transcend space and time. . . .  No matter where people are in life, kindness makes them celebrate together.” ~out of The Healing Power of Kindness, by Jean Maalouf



This Sunday our theme is about rising above problems and focusing on the solution. I look forward to celebrating Presence with you, as always!


In Gratitude,




“Our lives and the world are more layered, more profoundly interwoven with dimensions than we often realize. My contention is that we are haunted by transcendence at every turn, that our lives and the world are shot through with meaning and possibilities that outrun those for which, to our great deprivation, we too often settle.” — Ted Loder in The Haunt of Grace

May, 2016

Prayer for Mother’s Day.



by Peggy Christiansen


Today we celebrate with those who are remembering their mothers with love and gratitude. We give thanks for all the ways that their mothers have cared for and been there for them—and we pray that those mothers be blessed with overflowing joy today and always…


We pray, too, for those who are grieving the loss of a mother. May they be comforted, may they be blessed with sweet memories from this life, as well as a profound knowing of their beloved mom’s continuing presence in another form…


We hold healing space for those who are still hurting because they have been wounded by a mother. May deep healing permeate every cell of their being, may they see themselves through the pure loving eyes of the divine Mother. May they know the goodness of their own true Nature…


We give thanks for those who have poured out their hearts and become mothers to foster children, step-children, adopted children; and for those who provide a safe space for a neglected neighborhood kid to hang out and be a part of the family; for those who live always able to find room for one more. May their loving hearts be blessed with delight and abundance…


We honor the Holy Mothers of the world: whether they have children or not, the women whose whole lives are about radiating kindness, the profoundly compassionate, nurturing, and wise ones who minister to the needs of the world and offer open arms and an ample lap to anyone who needs it…


We embrace with understanding and love those who have longed to have children and been unable to. May they find solace, may they find peace, and may they find their way to nurture this deep longing and to bring forth birth in whatever form most serves their highest good…


We honor and respect those who have chosen not to become mothers in this life—for whatever reason—and we give thanks for the many and diverse ways that they bless all of our lives…


We surround with strength and hope those who feel worried or afraid because they have a child who is struggling—may they and their children know the profound help and resources that are found through deep connection with Spirit and may they be at peace…


And today we hold with special care and tenderness those who have lost a child—whatever the age, whatever the circumstances. We surround them this day and every day with gentleness and love. We see their sorrow and we honor it. We feel their heartbreak and we grieve for them. We pray that as their profound loss is held in profound compassion, that their pain—as well as their love—may guide and transform them. May they be healed and may they be instruments of healing for others…


We give thanks for all people who nurture…

for the teachers and caregivers and doctors and healers among us,

for the friends who answer the phone in the middle of the night, who visit us in the hospital and bring us food when we are sick,

for the people in this congregation who hug and hold us when we are sad, who send kind inspiring notes when we are struggling, who laugh and play with us when we are happy, who pray for and with us continually, and who gather together on Sunday mornings

—whether it is Mother’s Day or not—

to cultivate mindful,





May, 2016




How well do you know yourself? Do you know what nurtures your divine Spirit? What nurtures your human Being?



“You have to find a mother inside yourself. We all do. Even if we already have a mother, we still have to find this part of ourselves inside.”

~ Sue Monk Kidd



Mother’s Day—whatever our personal circumstances or relationship with that day—brings up the obvious opportunity to reflect on the topic of “mothering” or nurturing.



As children of divine Spirit, we have divine genes. And yet we are also each unique in our human forms. Siblings differ in temperaments, personalities, talents, experiences, etc. The job of a parent is not to mold a child into something, but to help the child find out who they really are and to nurture them in that discovery and growth process.



But that’s not just the job of biological parents. It’s a commitment that we all are called to make. As we grow we all need to learn how to nurture ourselves and each other.



“Nurture” is the topic for Sunday.



Much love,