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Live simply so that others may simply live. ~Gandhi

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October, 2016

Lessons in Unity.


This coming Sunday will be full of Unity goodness, as we combine our two services into one for our “5th Sunday Celebration.”

The service will include some reflections from our Council Members about an experience or a life lesson they have learned as part of their Unity experience, as well as a special reading by Ms. Pam.

Afterwards, everyone is invited to stay for a variety of delicious soups and delightful fun – including the live auction during lunch.

Come share community with your Unity family!

A quote to ponder: “We are so different so that we can know our need for one another, for no one is completely self-sufficient.” ~Desmond Tutu

A question for reflection:  What is something that you have learned or gotten from the Unity principles or this Unity community that helps you day-to-day?

Much love,

October, 2016

Biophilia and the Sacredness of Plants and Nature, Part 2


Despite news to the contrary, the energy of divine Love is present everywhere. One of my all-time favorite quotes is Meister Eckart’s:  “Every creature is full of God and is a book about God.”

We talked about that a couple of weeks ago when we did the animal blessing. The substance of God/Energy is in all things.


This Sunday we are blessed to hear Part 2 of Randy Meyer’s talk about spirituality in and with the plant kingdom. We will see some incredible video footage with our new projector.


Terry Meyer and the band will share a profoundly beautiful song by Peter Mayer, called, “When You Dream.”


I look forward to sharing time with you on the best  day of the week!  🙂



October, 2016

What is Wholeness?


People have noticed that I talk a lot about “wholeness.” And several have asked what that means.  So!  This Sunday my topic is “What is wholeness?”

Three quotes to ponder:
“Like cathedrals and forests, metaphors of the psyche, we are never finished though always whole. That is wonderful news, since something complete can still be made from unfinished things.”
~David Richo in Shadow Dance

“I thank God for my handicaps for through them I found myself, my work, and my God.”
~Helen Keller

“I am working toward a time when everything gives me joy!”
~Maya Angelou

So much Love,

October, 2016

Animal Healers.


If Source is in everything and everything comes from Source, then animals, too, are a window into Divine nature. People seem to vary a lot, however, in their feelings about animals. Some are fascinated with wild creatures. Others prefer the domesticated ones. Some people are more drawn to dogs than cats; others vice versa. And some people don’t feel much of a connection with animals at all.

And then there are those like St. Francis of Assisi, who loved every animal he ever encountered and treated them with the utmost gentleness and respect.  His “feast day” is October 4th and many churches around the world have developed a tradition of holding special “pet blessings” around this time of year.

Our Unity will be doing an animal blessing at the end of the 2nd service this Sunday (only service animals at the 1st service, please), and you are welcome to bring a special pet – or a picture, if you prefer.

But even if you are not a pet lover, I invite you to come reflect with me on the various lessons that we can learn from the animal world. As Native Americans teach, animal medicine is powerful and healing. We all have access to that wisdom, if we are open to it.

In Gratitude,