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“Ultimately, there can be no complete healing until we have restored our primal trust in life.” ~ Georg Feuerstein

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February, 2017

Living Your True Nature.


THANK YOU, Unitics and Franklin and everyone who came last Sunday, for a generous helping of letting go through singing!! What a beautiful, joyful time we had—and I hope everyone is remembering to practice in their bathrooms what Kirsten Bolton taught us about opening up our chakras with our voice!




This Sunday, we will have guest speaker, Ilan Shamir—known to many of you as a long-term member of Unity of Fort Collins, who now lives in New Mexico. Ilan is the creative genius behind the Your True Nature poems and writing and illustrations (Advice from a Tree, etc.).


The service themes will center around taking our talents, dreams, hopes and desires and living the essence of who we are. (This sounds a lot like the New Birth and Creativity stage – or the Via Creativa – on Meister Eckhart’s four-fold path!) It will include drumming, storytelling, and special music.


Have a beautiful week!
Love, Peggy


“When a tire on your car goes flat,
it’s sometimes hard to see,
just how very well it’s going,
with the other three!
-Ilan Shamir and Tim Bays

February, 2017

Sing Out.

One of the most wonderful and effective ways of letting go of negativity, judgment, criticism, obsessive thoughts, resentments, and other stuff that gets in the way of being in our essence is to SING!



Singing has a way of connecting us with our soul. It doesn’t matter whether you have words or if you think you are tone-deaf or if your 3rd-grade teacher said you can’t sing.



If you can talk, you can sing!



Sing about releasing and letting go!  Sing about peace! Sing about unity! Sing about love!



And that’s exactly what we are going to do on Sunday.  We are going to do a little more singing than usual and the Unitics band will be backing us up.  Please join us as we celebrate the Presence and lift our spirits together!



In gratitude,





A quote from Bradford Keeney:

…If you want to change things, start humming, singing, and whistling. Music in the air will bring down the seriousness that maintains the tyrant’s climate of totalitarianism….

February, 2017

The Contents in the Empty Jar.

After last week’s talk, someone asked me if there is a difference between emptying and letting go. We explored that a little bit at Heart Talks. The consensus seemed to be that they are very related but perhaps there is a subtle difference.

Letting go feels a little more specific and concrete; emptying feels like the bigger, perhaps more mystical, aspect of the practice. Maybe “letting go” is like the individual notes and instruments, and “emptying” is the symphony.

I am going to explore this further on Sunday and talk about letting go of some specific things like judgment, comparisons, and resentments.

What happens when we let go of those things? Emptying makes room for breakthrough and new birth. We begin to recognize ourselves as one with the Divine, no matter what the external circumstances and changes, and we begin to move into the “via creativa.” And so the growth spiral continues.

With Love,

An excerpt to ponder from the gospel of Thomas:

“The Kingdom of God is like a woman who was carrying a jar full of meal. While she was walking along a distant road, the handle of the jar broke and the meal spilled behind her along the road. She didn’t know it; she hadn’t noticed a problem. When she reached her house, she put the jar down and discovered that it was empty.”

February, 2017

The Spiritual Practice of Emptying.

It seems things around us are getting more and more out of control. And I keep hearing people talk about how scary these times are. But if we can pause and get in touch with ourselves long enough, I think we will see that most things have always been beyond our control and that fear has driven more aspects of our lives than we have ever wanted to acknowledge.

Control is a goal that we often chase in our illusion that it can somehow vanquish fear.

I have been feeling called lately to go more deeply into the mystic places. The space where I let go of everything I think I know and open my mind to the vastness of the Unknown, the dark cave where I feel nothing but a sense of emptiness and so am able to be filled with the presence of All-that-is.

I invite you to reflect on these things with me Sunday as I talk about the spiritual practice of “emptying.”


A quote to ponder from Meister Eckhart (translated by Matthew Fox):
            where clinging to things ends,
            is where God begins to be.”