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March, 2017

Create, Serve, Thrive.


I love how when we are pondering a theme or topic, all of a sudden, it seems to come up everywhere. I was talking to Franklin recently about the growth spiral and how fulfilling it is when our creativity expresses itself in the service of the greater good. Guess what! He is writing about this very topic! So I have invited him to speak Sunday and share some of his thoughts…



So much gratitude,




From Franklin: 

Creative and artistic don’t mean the same thing.

Creative and artistic don’t mean the same thing.

Creative and artistic don’t mean the same thing.



Creativity is a fundamental aspect of human nature and is inherently spiritual. Creativity is the embodiment of a gift that is intended to bring a unique quality through each of us into the world. Our service to others is allowing this gift to reach them. As we allow this to happen, they are blessed and we are blessed which is the state of thriving. There is no limit to our creativity, our service, and our thriving.



I’ve got some stories to tell. See you on Sunday…

March, 2017

Be the Change.

Moving along the spiral of spiritual growth, I want to spend some time reflecting on the way that reclaiming our true creative nature leads us into becoming instruments for the greater good. Meister Eckhart calls it the 4th stage on the 4-fold path, the “via transformativa.”  It’s when we recognize that our lives are not just about our own good but about the good of the whole.

In my own life, I have found that sometimes I have spent more time focusing on what I call my “inner journey” and other times being more engaged in the “outer journey.” But what I have learned is that the dance of wholeness falls apart when I forget that both of those journeys are important. In the dance of wholeness, the inner and the outer are partners who must nurture each other if they are to fulfill their divine calling in this world.

I will explore this further on Sunday, looking a little at the life of Gandhi and his concept of “soul force,” a way of BE-ing that has the power to impact the whole world for good.

Blessed BE.

For reflection:

“I slept and dreamed
That life was joy
I awoke and saw
That life was service
I acted and behold
Service was joy


March, 2017

Shamanism as a Spiritual Practice: Dancing with the Spirits.

This Sunday we are honored to hear a special talk about Shamanism and how shamanic journeying can help us gain knowledge for our spiritual path and come into a deeper experience of who we truly are. Our guest speaker is Scott Tate, who is a long-time psychotherapist with a Jungian bent.

Scott has been exploring energy healing and Shamanism for many years and has traveled the world studying with various indigenous shamans. Feel free to invite your friends to what promises to be a very interesting talk!

Quote for reflection:

“We must close our eyes and invoke a new manner of seeing… a wakefulness that is the birthright of us all, though few put it to use.”


THANK YOU for all of your wonderful cards and notes on March 5th and the reception that honored my 4th anniversary of being hired at Unity!! Thank you, JoEllen Fulton, for putting it all together, and thank you for the incredibly kind and affirming messages.

March, 2017

The Poet Within.

Our second Unity principle, as worded by Unity minister and author, Donna Johnson, says, “We are Spirit expressing as diverse human beings, here and now.”

Learning to recognize, honor, and claim that truth is an ongoing journey. Learning to express our diverse human selves as expressions of Spirit is what this life is all about!

Part of that process invites us to take risks and to share our creative selves with each other. The glorious outcome of taking that risk is that we find ourselves sharing inspiration with each other!

Opening one’s vulnerable heart and sharing your growth experiences with the public takes incredible courage. This Sunday we are going to celebrate and honor the courage of one of our long-time Unity members by launching and blessing his first published book of poetry.

I have asked Paul Chubbock to share a few of the poems from this first book, Switching Gods, during the talk time on Sunday, as an example of “A soulful spiritual life that is inseparable from a vibrant creative life.” (Bradford Keeney)

Quote for reflection:
“Creativity means making something for the soul out of every experience.”    ~Thomas Moore

March, 2017

Bearing Juicy Fruit.

Continuing to reflect on and explore Meister Eckhardt’s 4-fold path, this week I want to look more at the creativity and breakthrough stage. When we practice letting go and emptying, we make room for all kinds of new things to come forth. We make room for our creativity to express in fresh ways. Eckhardt says, “Only those who have dared to let go can dare to re-enter.”


Every one of us is full of wonderful creativity. Learning to uncover and claim our creative selves is a huge part of our ongoing spiritual journey. The Christian Gnostics (who were considered heretics by the religious leaders in power at the time) believed that evidence of spirit in a person’s life is shown by the creative expression they bring to the world. They attributed their creativity to direct connection with the Divine.


Bradford Keeney expands on this idea in his book Everyday Soul:  “A soulful spiritual life is inseparable from a vibrant creative life. To be filled with spirit is to be blissfully intoxicated with creative expression…”


Emptying is an important practice, and it always leads us to something deeper and fuller; ironically, emptiness leads to abundance.


Part of our life purpose is to bear fruit. It seems to me that the more we are able to flow with – instead of resisting – the cycles of growth, the juicier is the fruit we bear!





Quote for reflection:

“I once had a dream.
I dreamt that I, even though a man, was pregnant,
Pregnant and full with Nothingness like a woman who
Is with child.
And that out of this Nothingness
God was born.”
~Meister Eckhardt