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“Giving and receiving are two halves of the law of prosperity, as exhaling and inhaling are halves of the process of breathing” ~Ernest Wilson

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May, 2019

Vision, Mission, Core Values.

“You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction.”            ~Alvin Toffler


A couple of months ago we had the opportunity to gather for a Vision, Mission and Core Values workshop to begin a conversation about the values that attract and identify us, the vision that energizes us, and the mission that guides us.


Clarifying vision, mission, and core values helps an organization in several ways: shaping intentions, guiding decisions, aligning goals, and informing our actions – just to name a few.


Following that workshop, another group of people participated through feedback forms that were handed out at Sunday services. Altogether over 75 people have participated. Steve asked a group of people to take the work from the workshop and the information from the feedback forms and work to articulate vision and mission statements and define no more than five core values.


This group is comprised of Corina Hartzog, Tom Van Dyne, Claire Marshel, Robert Hudgens, and Franklin Taggart. Leane Gabel also contributed by compiling the information from feedback forms.


This Sunday the group will be presenting the latest drafts of vision, mission, and core values. They will also talk about the process they used to consider all the input and how they constructed the statements from the various sources.


We are excited to share this information with you!

May, 2019

Mothering in Community.


Join us as our own Kirsten Bolton speaks this Sunday about mothering in community.

What does mothering look like in our society today? What are the demands on mothers, and the support systems which help mothers thrive?

How can we collaborate in commUnity to fill the gaps that relate to motherhood? Together we will consider these questions and discover answers from our own inner wisdom.


Kirsten comes from a long line of mothers, and is honored to carry on the tradition with her own child. Through teaching, songwriting and parenting she reflects on the deeper meaning in life. She is grateful to be held in love and light by the Unity family.



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