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“When I feed the poor, they call me a saint, but when I ask why the poor are hungry, they call me a communist.” ~Dom Helder Camara

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June, 2019

A Course in Miracles and Unity  .

Join us this Sunday, June 30th, to hear long-time Unity members Kathe Molloy and John Magnie guest speak for us on the connection between Unity and A Course in Miracles.

They will also be providing the music for the service, so this Sunday will be quite a treat. Hope you can join us!

Kathe Molloy and John Magnie were married at Unity of New Orleans in 1977. John is a lifelong musician and songwriter. Kathe is a retired nurse. They have each been studying A Course in Miracles for several decades and have facilitated the Course groups here in Fort Collins for years.

June, 2019

The Peace of God is Our One Goal.

Join us to hear Anne & Robert Hudgens, who are long-time Unity members, share their favorite stories and lessons they have learned from the many teachers and experiences at Unity.

They met at Unity, had children that attended the Unity preschool and Sunday school, and are now empty-nesters who still love being a part of the Unity Community.


“The peace of God is everything I want.
Through peace of God is my one goal; the aim
Of all my living here, the end I seek,
My purpose and my function and my life,
While I abide where I am not at home.”

A Course in Miracles,
Lesson 205
Workbook,Page 380

June, 2019

Spiritual Insights from Family Life.


This Sunday’s talk will be given by several of our Unity members on the topic of “Spiritual Insights from Family Life.” We’ll be sharing lessons learned as parents, as children, and as extended family.


Some spiritual traditions believe that our families are made up of souls who have made agreements with together to help each other evolve through their experience on Earth. Some teach that family bonds extend beyond birth and death.


Family inspired spiritual insights are probably more common than any other kind. No matter how they function, our family experiences shape our early understanding of life and the world. They ultimately inform us of the kinds of people we want to become, or the kinds of people we wish to avoid becoming.


Every family is as unique as a fingerprint, so there are many ways to learn from each other. This collaborative talk is an opportunity to hear a variety of stories from our own people about wisdom gained, lessons learned, and silver linings found in our families.