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A soulful spiritual life is inseparable from a vibrant creative life. ~Bradford Keeney

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August, 2019

Magic of Dreams.


Join us as our own Stirling Kyd guest speaks for us this Sunday. Stirling learned methods for interpreting dreams many years ago when he worked at the Edgar Cayce headquarters in Virginia Beach. 

According to Edgar Cayce, the source of our dreams is the mind of the soul – our subconscious mind.

Dreams can do amazing things:

Mirror our foolishness
Answer our questions
Enhance our intuition
Reveal our future
Connect us with departed loved ones

The magic of dreams helps us grow and shows us how we are progressing as spiritual beings.

Stirling enjoys the fun-loving playfulness of the subconscious mind. Particularly in the way it reveals its creativity and insights through our dreams.

August, 2019

Mercy for the Humans!  

The full embodiment of our humanness requires an integration of the light of our true nature and the sweet frailty and limitations of our creature-ly aspect.




Join Jeannie for an exploration of the way of love and mercy and how it allows us to make room in our spiritual endeavors for the humility of our humanness.


Jeannie is the director of Living as Love, a nonprofit organization dedicated to  seeding a culture of the Heart on the planet, inspiring, teaching, and supporting people to live from their essence as Love. A year before the birth of her daughter, Jeannie was plunged into a dark night of the soul that culminated in a radical shift of consciousness.


She is known for her fearless clarity, tender mercy toward humanness, and a juicy, poetic – and often humorous – style that draws from Advaita Vedanta, Sufism, Christian mysticism and the ongoing revelation of fully engaged living. Residing in Colorado, she travels widely in the US, bringing a down-to-earth, embodied teaching of living as love.


You can “friend request” her on her personal page on Facebook, request to be a member of her Facebook fan page, and also check her out on YouTube.

August, 2019

That Wily 3rd Principle.


Join us as our own Grace Cooley guest speaks for us about how the 3rd Unity principle (which is also the Law of Attraction) works in her life—even when she doesn’t want it to…


Grace has been at Unity of Ft. Collins for over 20 years—in several capacities. She is now the office manager, and has been on the Unity council in years past.
She’s a self-proclaimed, flaming, Earth-loving, tree-hugging, save-the-bees, believes-in-faeries, bike-riding, card-carrying, spiritual-but-not-religious, hippie cowgirl liberal poet storyteller hypnotherapist photographer—yep, they do exist. Find out more about her on her blog

August, 2019




Join us on Sunday, August 11th, to hear our former Spiritual Leader, Lynn Kendall, speak on beginner’s mind and curiosity. Being a Unity student for most of her life has fostered in Lynn a profound spiritual curiosity. Unity teachings encourage her curiosity and desire to seek spiritual fitness. After 7 years of retirement (“I can’t believe that,” she says) she remains profoundly grateful for her years with Unity of Fort Collins. 


From Lynn: 

My curiosity has never been higher than it is now. In his book Writing: A Habit of Mind Leonard Rubinstein wrote “Curiosity is a willing, a proud, an eager confession of ignorance.” The freedom in Unity that encourages spiritual exploration is what it means to me as a way of life.  Shunryu Suzuki said, “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities. In the expert’s mind there are few.” I look forward to being with you on Sunday as we explore the curiosity of beginner’s mind.


As always, childcare is available.

August, 2019

Unity – Community – Spirituality.

Steve Henke has been board certified in Family Medicine since 1989 and in 

integrative-holistic medicine since 2000 (and one of the 1st of 285 physicians in the country to be board certified in that area).

He is a Unity member who feels very fortunate to be able to practice medicine in a manner that many of the founding physicians of medicine were able to.

He places an emphasis on developing a relationship with every patient he 

sees- built on trust, his experience and education, and being available and an advocate for each of his patients.

The Title of his talk on August 4th is “Unity – Community – Spirituality” and the impact of these on our health and wellness.

As always, childcare is available.