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“I think I deserve something beautiful.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert

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December, 2019

The Gift of Release.


Join us this Sunday, December 29th, for our new Spiritual Leader’s first talk! She will be talking about releasing. 

From Liz:

As we come to the end of another year, it is good for us to take the time to reflect upon all 
that was part of 2019 for us.


Reflection is a necessary component as we realize the power we have in releasing what was, knowing that as we release we also open to that Something Greater that is now ready to be healed and revealed in the upcoming New Year!!


Come join us as we celebrate and release 2019, opening to the Greatest Good for all in 2020!!

Blessed be.

December, 2019

One Big Messy Story.


Join us this Sunday as our own dear Franklin Taggart guest speaks for us.

From Franklin: 
All humans are myth makers and story tellers. Every one of us carries a story of life as we experience it.

As we come together, our stories blend with each other, creating an even greater narrative. The traditions we celebrate connect us with the stories of past ages, and as we add to our own understanding, even these traditions morph into new directions.

The process of blending our stories isn’t always easy. Many of our conflicts are rooted in mere differences in perception, as our central myths are challenged by different myths from other people and cultures.


The process of sorting out our individual stories and integrating them with each other is a messy one. It requires time and patience, but ultimately the process is worthwhile, resulting in a commonly held understanding that is deeper, wider, and longer than it was before.

December, 2019

Whose Voice Do You Need in Your Head: Nurturing Your Brilliant Ideas.

Join us this Sunday, December 15th, as Teresa R. Funke guest speaks for us. She is the author of Bursts of Brilliance for a Creative LifeShe has also written seven award-winning novels set in World War II; a popular blog; and numerous articles, essays, and short stories. She is an entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, and community catalyst.

Teresa believes today’s chaotic world needs an army of creative thinkers—and you are one of them! She’ll show you how to protect and nurture your best creative ideas to improve your home live, your business, and your community. Tune out your inner and outer critics and tune in to your inner coach.

December, 2019

Restore Your Faith.


Join us Sunday to hear more about Unity’s expanding partnership with La Bendición and Nuevo Todos Santos. Mike Hawes and Cindy Sargent just returned from their latest trip to Guatemala in early November. Their trip was full of new revelations, old friends, serendipitous connections, and continued community building – reaffirming their faith in humanity.


Cindy and Mike are the current co-leaders of Unity’s Guatemalan outreach team. Five years ago Unity of Fort Collins teamed up with Trees, Water, People to partner with the indigenous Mayan village of La Bendición Guatemala.


The intention of the partnership is to:

  • ~Develop a friendship and extended community between Unity of Ft. Collins and the Mayan Village of La Bendición.
  • ~Support and advocate for their vision of a thriving, regenerative community that lives in harmony with the earth.
  • ~Learn the virtues of cooperative community and being “at one” with the environment.
  • ~Nurture reciprocity and mutual growth as we work together to create a better world.

Two years ago the local Fort Collins chapter of Engineers without Borders joined our effort as we expanded our community to include the neighboring village of Nuevo Todos Santos.