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“You better learn to like yourself, because you are going to be you for forever. And forever is a lot longer than you think it is.” ~Dannion Brinkley

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January, 2020

Who Do You Think You Are?

Do you recall ever being asked (perhaps as a child), “Who do you think you are?”

Who we think we are, how we see and define ourselves impacts and influences EVERY single part of our lives!!


Come join us this Sunday as we look more deeply into who we really are as Divine Beings and how changing our view of ourselves can totally transform our lives for the better.

See you on Sunday!

January, 2020

All That Is.

Have you ever wondered what God or the Divine is or if God/The Divine really actually exists or is just something we’ve made up?

What exactly is God/The Divine? Is it a Person? Is is a Principle? Is it Everything? Is it No-thing?

Come join me this Sunday as we dive deeply into these questions and more. Bring your own questions too, if you like. Let’s explore together the mystery of what God/The Divine truly is and what it is not.

See you on Sunday!!

January, 2020

The MAP.

Beginning this New Year together, it is imperative that we first identify what we would most love to be, do, and have in 2020!

Once we have identified what we’d most love, the next question becomes, “How do we navigate the gap between our present day lives and what we’d most love our lives to be in this New Year?”

Come join me this Sunday, as I shares what the MAP is and how we can use our MAPS in navigating the gap with greater ease, grace, peace, love, and joy!!

See you Sunday!

January, 2020

What’s Love Got to Do With It.


Come join us as Davine Joy Young guest speaks for us. She be speaking about how we love our family and yet there are times that we have tough calls to make on their behalf. Are we really qualified to make them? Is it our place to do so? Life as we age in place, one day at a time. Grief has it’s moments of joy we can hold in our hearts.


Rev. Davine Joy Young started her journey in the Science of Mind teaching over thirty years ago. She knew her call was to be a minister, and graduated Holmes Institute in 2014. She then went on to take the CSL Chaplain program and completed it in Dec. 2016. 


Davine recently moved to Ft Collins with her wife, Liz Luoma, where she plans on being involved in whatever capacity she can at Unity of Ft. Collins. She will soon begin taking classes with the intention of being an Ordained Unity Minister.

January, 2020

20-20 Vision.

This Sunday, January 5th, the first Sunday of the New Year, we begin the awesome journey of co-creation in Spirit for our lives in this new year!
Come join us as Liz shares a powerful process where we tap into our 2020 Inner Vision of Great Spirit as our lives in this new year!