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“Faith is a place of mystery, where we find the courage to believe in what we cannot see and the strength to let go of our fear of uncertainty.” ~Brene Brown

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February, 2020

Living the Truth.   

This Sunday we complete our study of the Five Principles – A Guide to Practical Spirituality as we explore what it means to Live the Truth of the first four principles in our everyday life. Come learn the four basic questions that can help us live more fully as the Divine Beings we truly are.

Ellen Debenport in The Five Principles asks “How do we apply these principles when we are sick, broke, heartbroken, scared, angry or apathetic? How do we make choices, day in and day out, in alignment with principle, so that we can – bit by bit – create the kingdom of heaven on earth?”

These are some of the questions we’ll look at this Sunday, knowing that as we learn how to practice living the Five Principles in our everyday lives, together we truly can and are able to create our own Heaven here on earth!!

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!!

Have a warm, wonderful and truly blessed rest of the week!!

With love always,

February, 2020

The Power of Prayer.


Most of us have an awareness that prayer is a vital component in connecting to Spirit/God/Universe; however, what exactly is prayer? What does prayer do and how does prayer help us in life? Are any types of prayer better or more effective than others? What are Unity’s teachings about prayer?


These are just a few of the questions regarding prayer that we’ll be exploring this Sunday. So, come join us and bring your friends as we enter into the powerful practice of Prayer and how the use of prayer can make a profound difference in your life! Yes!!


See you Sunday!!

February, 2020


Are our lives predestined by fate, or do we have free will to create our lives? Could it possibly be both? What actually is the creative Power within the Universe? And how can we use this creative Power in shaping our own lives?

The truth is we are always creating our experiences in life, either by design or by default. Come join me this Sunday as we explore Unity Principle #3, the Creation Principle, and how we can more consciously learn to use this Principle in creating lives we truly love every day!

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!!