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“When we begin to bring consciousness to what we are making things mean, we may be shocked at the messages we have been feeding ourselves all these years. Try taking the reigns and begin assigning a kinder meaning to the events in your life and you will likely find yourself on a much more pleasant ride. ” ~Madisyn Taylor

A Course in Miracles and Unity  .

June 27, 2019

Join us this Sunday, June 30th, to hear long-time Unity members Kathe Molloy and John Magnie guest speak for us on the connection between Unity and A Course in Miracles.

They will also be providing the music for the service, so this Sunday will be quite a treat. Hope you can join us!

Kathe Molloy and John Magnie were married at Unity of New Orleans in 1977. John is a lifelong musician and songwriter. Kathe is a retired nurse. They have each been studying A Course in Miracles for several decades and have facilitated the Course groups here in Fort Collins for years.