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“You better learn to like yourself, because you are going to be you for forever. And forever is a lot longer than you think it is.” ~Dannion Brinkley


What is Unity?


Unity of Fort Collins Welcomes Everyone!

Unity encourages the exploration and application of spiritual Truth, to allow the Christ consciousness to be revealed through you, in you, as you. We come together to celebrate the practice of the presence of God. Unity does not require formal affiliation (membership) and is accessible to all individuals on equal terms. If you decide to be here and attend and participate, then you are considered a member of our Unity. This applies to all aspects of services, taking classes, attending events, volunteering, etc.

Unity of Fort Collins is dedicated to providing a spiritual home for Unity students to experience Christ Consciousness and to practice the five basic Unity principles.


1. God is good and everywhere present.

2. The spirit of God lives within each person, therefore, all people are inherently good.

3. We create our life experiences through our way of thinking.

4. There is power in affirmative prayer, which we believe increases our connection to God.

5. Knowledge of these spiritual principles is not enough. We must live them.


Our unity centers us in light and peace, allowing us to recognize our God within and to radiate that love to the world!


Our Vision Statement:
Centered in Love, inspired by Spirit, we Awaken, Connect, and Thrive.
Our Mission Statement:
At Unity of Fort Collins, we are creating a loving community by holding a safe and sacred space where all are supported to learn, grow, and participate in an awakening world.
Our Core Values:

Inclusion – We welcome every person as naturally good and inherently valuable no matter where they are in their spiritual journey.

Compassion – We open our hearts to each other and to the world in our human experience.

Integrity – We live the Truth we know.

Openness – We are willing to expand our understanding of dynamic and evolving spiritual truth.

Community – Together we create a multifaceted celebration of joy, gratitude, laughter, reflection, and service.


Where is Unity?

We’re at 1401 West Vine Dr. Here’s a map, so you can visit us. Our office hours are Monday through Thursday 9am to 12 noon.


Unity Weekly Newsletter

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Services are at 10am on Sunday mornings.


Check our News and Events page to check out what we’ve got going on here at our Unity.


Unity Office & Bookstore Hours

Monday – Thursday, 9am -12 noon

Books for children and adults. Find Unity of Fort Collins logo apparel in our online shop—tees, caps, hoodies, phone covers, calendars, mugs, water bottles, kid’s clothes, leggings, etc.  Stop by and see us, we’re located in the office just past the library and Rumi Room.

Contact Unity

Contact Unity of Fort Collins at 970. 482. 1620 or email via our Contact Page.


Find out more…

You can find out what Unity is all about by visiting more pages on our website. Unity’s special events, along with articles and photos, are listed on our News & Events page. The Team Unity page has information about our team.


Virtual Tour of Unity

For a look at our facilities and a virtual tour of Unity, click here.


Sacred Space & Spiritual Support at Unity

Here at Unity we hold sacred space, listen carefully and respectfully, pray sincerely, and hold in confidence what is shared. If you have a heavy heart, we feel privileged to get to pray with, and for, you. If you have a goal, we want to know how we can support you in that. If you have a celebration (of any kind and size), we want to join you in gratitude. We want to be of service to you. Your sharing is always welcome.

  • ~ Spiritual Counseling can be arranged by appointment. Contact the office at 970-482-1620 to set up a time. 
  • ~ The Prayer Request box is located in the lobby. Feel free to fill out the form and put it into the (locked) prayer box. All requests are kept confidential unless otherwise requested. 
  • ~ Silent Unity is a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week, even-on-holidays, all-faith, free support service provided by Unity Village, 1-800-Now Pray (669-7729)



970. 482. 1620

1401 W. Vine Dr.
Fort Collins, CO
Mon -Thurs ~ 9:00am -12:00pm


Volunteering Opportunities

We have ongoing and one-time projects, small and large, that benefit our Unity church and give you a chance to help out. If you feel serving in this way will enhance your expression of Spirit, please contact the Unity office.

970. 482. 1620


Labyrinth & Certified Wildlife Habitat


Our labyrinth is located behind (south of) the Unity building inside our Certified Wildlife Habitat. The labyrinth has been maintained by many Unity and community volunteers over the years. To get to the labyrinth, simply follow the winding, mowed path to the west part of the habitat.


We certified the back of our lot in 2019 through the National and Colorado Wildlife Federations, because a doe and her twin fawns were living back there. We now provide year-round food, water, and habitat for wildlife. We don’t use pesticides or herbicides on our grounds to encourage more wildlife inhabitants, and we don’t mow the back part of our lot to provide cover. See photos of our habitat.  You can certify your lot/yard/patio too! It’s not difficult!


Unity also offers:

  • ~Spiritual Counseling
  • ~Educational Classes and Workshops
  • ~Social Groups and Events
  • ~Book Study Groups
  • ~Community Outreach
  • ~Youth Education
  • ~Youth Groups
  • ~Musical Celebrations
  • ~Wedding Celebrations
  • ~Baby Blessings
  • ~Memorial Services
  • ~Lending Library
  • ~Bookstore and Gift Shop
  • ~Volunteer Opportunities