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Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening. ~Lisa M. Hayes

Annette McFarlane currently serves on the Unity of Fort Collins Council. Unity has been her spiritual home since July of 2003. She has spent numerous hours in service here, which has included serving as a Sunday School teacher and Facebook and online directory administrator.


Additionally, she actively serves in the community at large. She has volunteered for such organizations as the United Way of Larimer County, American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, Colorado Children’s Hospital, Greeley Cold Weather Shelter, Hope Lives! The Lydia Dody Breast Cancer Foundation, GLAAD, and  National LGBTQ Task Force.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, photography, rock collecting, and camping. If she’s not out in nature, she can be found at an art gallery, museum, dinner theater, local cafe, book store, or in the kitchen cooking up something yummy for her wife and/or son.


Special Note: Prior to moving to Colorado, Annette lived in Alabama and still carries her southern accent. She often jokes that although she may be a southern belle, she doesn’t jingle when she walks.