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“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” –Harry S. Truman

Unity Annual Meeting Minutes

February 25, 2018

Attendees: Janina Alexander, Carol Kimbell, Paul Chubbock, Pauluna Tuner, Arleen Kramer, Arleen Brown, Judy Albright, John Albright, Heather Hmieleski, Denise Fedelleck, Bob Fedelleck, Joane Harrison, Sarah Clark, Barb Wade, Tim Wade, William Pilch, Lisa Faust, Steph Thieman, Amy Alexander, Leane Gabel, Brenda Carey, Pat Atchison, Scott Benton, Sharon Keahy, Stan Yoshida, Sue Yoshida, Linda Anson, Nancy Peltola, Steve Henke, Robert Wilson, Will Moore, Jan Waskom, Claire Marshall, Patrick Gazley, Karen Crawford, Robert Hudgens, Anne Hudgens, Renee Shaw, Randy Mergler, Gerald Gates, Lil McBrien, Franklin Taggart, Peggy Christiansen, John Zevely, JoEllen Fulton.

After the Sunday Service, the Annual Meeting was called to order at 11:10 a.m. and a quorum was declared.  A head count of 67 was declared, not all got signed in.

The 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes were approved by consensus.

Linda Anson volunteered to be on the Nominating Committee for the next Council Member.

Staff Reports were presented in a slide show (written reports attached here).  Leane Gabel provided additional financial information, and answered questions from congregants.

The meeting was adjourned with a group singing of the Peace Song.


2017 Highlights from Spiritual Leader


At a congregational forum in the fall of 2016, these words were highlighted by the participants as the signs of an ideal spiritual community.  I am sharing them as the intentions for my work this past year:


connection;  acceptance;  compassion;  spiritual growth; authenticity;  creativity;  education;  opening minds; 

broadening perspectives;  support;  safe space;  love;   service;  giving;  action


48 Tuesday Heart Talks

averaging 10 – 14 people every week; at least 30 people have found a regular safe place here throughout the    year


Weekly Sunday Services

  • 40 talks by Peggy, 3 by Franklin
  • 7 guest speakers including a rabbi, a shaman, an eclectic artist, a motivational speaker, former Unity spiritual leader Lynn Kendall, our interfaith seminary student Julie Legg, and our congregant Kirsten Bolton sharing her miracle of receiving a Habitat house
  • 2 special services including a service of poetry with Paul Chubbuck and a meditation and chanting service with the Gomang Tibetan Buddhist monks


3 Semester-style Classes with morning and evening sections

  • The Bible Without Baggage
  • Deeper Paths & Practices (a course in Spiritual Development)
  • Encountering the Jesus of Mark


Individual Spiritual Support

  • Counseling (over 100 people)
  • Responding to crisis calls
  • Prayer support & helping hands for congregant challenges (for example, meals and rides)
  • Families-in-need project (6 Unity families)


Outreach Team

  • Guatemala Team sent Unity team to our village partners in La Bendición with Engineers Without Borders and Trees, Water, People in September; sending another team in March. Over 30 Unity people involved with our projects!   THANK YOU, MIKE HAWES AND CINDY SARGENT!



  • Crop Walk Teamraised over $1000 in local Crop Hunger Walk, helping to eliminate hunger—both locally and around the World.  THANK YOU, STEPH THIEMAN AND LISA FAUST!


  • MULTIPLE ways our Unity is working with struggling folks in our local community
    • Giving Tree
    • Caroling at transitional housing
    • Organic food share for local family
    • Monthly donations to 501©3 organizations


Community Life Team

  • Monthly movies
  • Monthly book groups
  • Monthly drum circle
  • Game nights & variety show
  • Sunday lunch bunch



Youth Education Report


Wonderful adults volunteered for Sunday School.  Thank you!

Pam started reading children’s books to the adults in services.

Gerald, Randy and Sasha re-built the playground’s pirate ship. Thank you!



Playground re-model

More caring adults to volunteer for Sunday School.



Joyful children!

2017 Music Report


Music at Unity of Fort Collins in 2017 continued to be a source of joy and inspiration. Our congregation makes beautiful sounds every Sunday, and we’ve been visited by several excellent guest musicians, too.

In 2017 we welcomed special music contributions from Tom Prasada-Rao,Korby Lenker, the John Magnie Family, Scott Allen, and Johnsmith with Dan Sebranek.

We also restarted the Unity Coffeehouse, and held our first annual Unity Variety Show. Much fun has been had!

The Unitics band has added new members, and we continue to love and appreciate their talents. And the Tunitics under the direction of Peggy have really tackled some amazing music, to our delight. Another highlight this year was the men’s chorus who sang the Bobby McFerrin version of Psalm 23.

We are rich with musical blessings, and I’m excited about continuing to grow together musically in 2018.

Many blessings to all,


Office Manager Report for 2017


Made Unity a year-round drop-off sight for Homeless Gear

  • Created new pages for our Unity website – including a place to shop for Unity logo products
  • Van heater blower fixed
  • Carpet cleaned on the east end of the building
  • Took care of two insurance claims: cover on playground sandbox and outside stucco and inside dry wall repair for the Little Room
  • Set up Vehicles for Charity donations for Unity, so that folks can donate their vehicles to Unity
  • Replaced our Safeway cards, as they had recalled/canceled some of them


To continue to make environmentally-friendly changes whenever possible to insure that Unity

  • is a good steward of the planet
  • sets a good example
  • saves money
  • that all processes are highly efficient


Prosperity Report


  • Unity ended 2017 in great shape. Our checking account on 12/31/17 had just over $60,000; we were just over $26,000 in the “black” for the year.
  • The final total for the Matching Funds drive was over $32,000.
  • Overall donations were up 22% for the year.


Other highlights:

  • We received $1400 for Families in Need in 2017 and dispersed $1200.
  • Our fundraising for the year totaled almost $9500 at virtually no cost (no expenses) to Unity.
  • Utilities expenses for the year were down 10%.
  • Contract services (maintenance, groundskeeping, cleaning, bookkeeper) increased by 10%.
  • We tithed $500 in support of various non-profit organizations in 2017.

What a great year!  Thank you everyone!


Intentions for 2018:

Staff raises are already in place! The Council approved good increases while remaining fiscally responsible.

We are getting quotes to update our back yard (to make it safe and accessible for those with mobility challenges) and playground (to meet licensing requirements).