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“Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.” ~Kahlil Gibran

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Side Effects.

October 10, 2019


Join us as our own Julie Legg guest speaks for us on Sunday and then officiates our annual Pet Blessing.


About her talk:  We usually think of “side effects” as being negative, as in when we take a drug to assist with curing a disease, and the side effects of said drug are actually worse than the original disease.


However, what if we changed our thinking about side effects, and we began to see them as positive outcomes to events – perhaps even unwanted events – in our lives? This is the direction of this Sunday’s talk.


As an ordained Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister, Rev. Julie is available to serve your spiritual needs for weddings, funerals, baby & pet blessings, and spiritual counseling. She has been at Unity of Fort Collins for many years, is based in Windsor, CO, and is available to persons throughout Northern Colorado and the Denver area.

A Hero’s Journey.

October 3, 2019


Join us as Dawn Mathis guest speaks for us on Sunday. She attended Unity years ago and is excited to be with us again this Sunday. Her talk will be based on the 4-week course, of which she is a certified instructor, that was written by Mary Morrissey called:  “Standing Firm When Your World is Shaking.”

For over 30 years, Dawn has worked with students, medical patients, real estate clients, senior citizens and caregivers to help them achieve their goals, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives.


Dawn has studied the Principles and teachings of the greatest thinkers and avatars of Success: Andrew Carnegie, Napolean Hill, Henry David Thoreau, Alan Cohen, James Allen, Emerson, Mary Morrissey, and others.

She blends her understanding of these Success Principles with her own life experiences and life lessons to help clients achieve extraordinary results in accelerated time.

She will also have information about her retreat in Jan 2020:  “A Hero’s Journey” (the full 4-week course over a 3-night stay in the mountains).

Also, if you would be interested in the 4-week course and her 2020 Vision Workshop here at our Unity, please let her know, as she is open to facilitating the course for us for a love offering that she would donate back to our Unity.

Discovering Your Life’s Purpose.

September 26, 2019


This Sunday Rev. John Beerman will be our guest speaker, and he will talking about finding your life’s purpose. His lesson will be based on Eckhart Tolle’s book Oneness with All Life and the idea that most of us want to find purpose to our lives. Usually we try to find it by what we do or who we are, but discovering your true life purpose is about awakening to the Being-ness within  you.

John graduated in 2015 from the Unity Institute at Unity Village with a Master’s Degree in Divinity, fulfilling his lifelong goal of becoming a Unity Minister in order to assist others in discovering the Christ consciousness within themselves.

John is the former Spiritual Leader at Unity of Loveland; he has been active in Unity communities since 1980. He taught SEE classes, lead Sunday services and spiritual growth workshops, as well as writing articles for Unity pamphlets and brochures. As a lay person, John served on two boards for Unity churches in Friendswood and League City, Texas before moving to Colorado in June, 1999.

Continuing to Trust the Process.

September 19, 2019


Our own Leane Gabel will share some thoughts about the people, prosperity,

and principles of our Unity. (There may be a few other “P” words involved…)

Leane is a long-time Unity member and volunteer. She currently serves as the Council Treasurer, leads several annual volunteer projects, and is passionate about helping take care of Unity’s building and grounds.  


At home she dotes on her dog, Lucy; spends as much time as possible in her flower gardens; and reads obsessively. She has volunteered on the Family Selection Committee at the Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity for over 10 years.

Procrastination:  Problem, Spiritual Practice, or Superpower?

September 12, 2019

This week’s talk is brought to you by the Unity Procrastination Playhouse, featuring JoEllen Fulton, Franklin Taggart, and Linda Anson.

There will be music, insightful oration, and meditation all on the theme of putting things off until tomorrow. We’ll butcher Bacharach, make Ben Franklin roll over in his grave, and bring Oprah to tears as we look for the silver lining in a human behavior that has gotten a bad rap (I don’t think we’re going to rap).

We hope you won’t use this promotional material as an excuse to skip coming to Unity this Sunday, but as procrastinators, we understand the urge.

See you on Sunday…maybe.