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“It takes all of us together to hold all of us together.” ~Leane Gabel

Bringing Heaven with Us.

March 1, 2018


This Sunday’s topic is Unity’s second principle. Ellen Debenport words it, “Human beings have a spark of divinity within them, the Christ spirit within.  Their very essence is of God, and therefore they (we!) are also inherently good.”



My talk will focus on this principle, and we will have a discussion on it in the Myrtle room at noon for anyone who is interested. By the way, we have Debenport’s book on the Five Principles in the bookstore. It is a very good and simple resource.



There is also a great children’s story, called How Roland Rolls,  written by Jim Carrey (yes, that Jim Carrey!) that I love as an example of the 2nd principle. It’s about a wave who discovers that he is also the ocean and that he is interconnected with all of life.



The image of being a wave in the ocean is one spiritual metaphor often used to describe what it means to be part of Something Greater, not being the whole “Something Greater” but being composed of the same substance.



We will also do a blessing and send-off for our Unity Guatemala team, who is traveling to La Bendición March 10th through 19th. We will celebrate our interconnectedness with our Guatemalan village partnership and with all people by singing “Somos el barco, somos el mar.”
We are the boat; we are the sea… I live in you; you live in me.

Hope to see you there!








Peggy Christiansen is the Spiritual Leader at Unity of Fort Collins. She has over 25 years of ministry experience working with diverse populations, a M.Div. from San Francisco Theological Seminary, and a special interest in helping people find and/or develop their unique spiritual paths. Listen to podcasts of her Sunday talks.