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“Surrender is the river that will deliver you back to the ocean of cosmic consciousness.”~ out of “Strands of Eternity” by Vasant Lad

Franklin Taggart

Music Director


Franklin Taggart has largely lived by accident since graduating from high school, moving from one open door to another, making friends, making music, and making cool stuff happen. Since his first paying gig in 1979, he’s played music all over the country from peoples’ homes to the Kennedy Center. He writes songs, and performs frequently in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming.


His spiritual path has included Mormonism, Episcopalianism, Evangelical Christianity, Meditation, Yoga, Non-duality, and deep explorations of consciousness and the Self. Rather than identifying himself as a seeker, he’s more comfortable as a finder, treasuring higher experience at every turn.


Franklin is also a community fanatic. Wherever he can facilitate gathering people together in some creative fashion, you’ll find him doing just that. Since arriving in Colorado in 2011 he’s founded a guitar society in Loveland, three concert series, become a show host on KRFC radio, participated in programs by Beet Street and the Arts Incubator of the Rockies, and more.


His particular gift is his own unique form of encouragement, helping people connect to and from their hearts. This gift is shared through his music, a vocational coaching practice, organizational consulting and through community building.


“Show up! Pay attention! Participate!” – Franklin Taggart


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