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“Laughter has a tonic effect. It is an instant vacation – a tranquilizer with no side effects.” ~Dale Turner

Freedom-Encouraging Sayings of Myrtle and Charles Fillmore. 

July 2, 2019

Join us to listen to our own Julie Legg this Sunday. From Julie:

“Lately I’ve been doing quite a lot of reading by and about Myrtle and Charles Fillmore, the co-founders of the Unity School of Practical Christianity. There is much to digest, and I’ll be sharing some of what I’ve read and how it relates to my life and possibly to the lives of others.”


As an ordained Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister, Rev. Julieis available to serve your spiritual needs for weddings, funerals, baby & pet blessings, and spiritual counseling. She has been at Unity of Fort Collins for many years, is based in Windsor, CO, and is available to persons throughout Northern Colorado and the Denver area.



“Stop trying so hard to know that everything is as it should be. Just rest your mind and heart and emotions and body in God-Mind.”
~Myrtle Fillmore