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“I think I deserve something beautiful.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert

Thank You!


…where we express gratitude for the abundance of love, help, work, great ideas, volunteering, donations, etc.—from the community at large and our own Unity community.





~ We are grateful to Leane Gabel and Gerald Gates for assessing the damage left by the March snowstorm, and for organizing the plowing of the parking lot and the clean up of the broken trees.
~ We are grateful to Scott Thieman for trimming broken tree branches, and for cutting and piling the branches.




We are grateful for:


~ Roger Flack of Enertech Energy and his assistant Jacob for installing the new LED lights throughout the building.  All the spaces are much brighter!
~ Tom Lale for installing a new threshold and cabinet lock in the office.
~ Tom and Debi Lale for collecting the broken tree branches so they can be
taken off the property.
~ The YFM TEAM who is continuing to put the finishing touches on the big project to clean and freshen up the West side of the building.  Their dedication and perseverance is amazing!



We are grateful for:


~ Lil McBrien and Gerald Gates who are always present, and are always contributing.  We thank them for their constant forethought, insight and dedication.


~ Leane Gabel and John Hansen for their contributions as Council Members.  The time and energy you put forth is much appreciated!



We are grateful to:

~ The outstanding volunteers who continue to paint and refresh the west side of the building, with special thanks to Debi and Monika.

~ Scott Thieman for fabricating a new handrail for our front steps.

~ The new Council members who have stepped up to serve: Ellen MacQueen and Katie Dockery.

~ Our new Office Admin Assistant, Julie Schoenbauer, for taking off at a running start with the office duties.


We are grateful for:

~ Nina Kunze for her extra help in the office and especially for completing our donation letters.

~ Unity Worldwide Ministries for their ongoing support and resources.

~ Dennis Boggott for his great bookkeeping skills and good questions.

~ Kris Swaton for volunteering in the office, and the extra projects she’s doing.

~ The volunteers painters who are refreshing our building, starting on the west end.



Today we are grateful for:

~ Claire and Robert Marshel and Debi and Tom Lale for the amazing job they did cleaning out the big storage closet.

~ The enormous patience of the Interim Council and all the work they are doing.

~ Tom Lale for shoveling snow and ensuring our rook heat tapes are plugged in.

~ The “anchor” donors of our Matching Funds drive, and all the folks donating their matching funds.

~ The opportunity to pause.



Today we are grateful for:

~ Tom Lale for installing the heat tapes on our roof for the winter.

~ Clean air and beautiful days.

~ Health, family, grandchildren.

~ Changes in direction.

~ Firefighters and snow.

~ All those who helped with the yard sale fundraiser, especially: Claire and Robert Marshel, Kurt and Denise Johnson, Debi and Tom Lale, Ellen MacQueen, Kelly Maffei, Rev. Liz Luoma, Leane Gabel.

~ The ability to take a vacation.



Today we are grateful for:

~ Thanks to Claire Marshel, Kelly Maffei, Debbie Lale, and Denise Johnson for their extraordinary efforts in sorting and cleaning of the children’s classrooms.

~ We are grateful for the ongoing efforts of our Colorado firefighters.

~ Our sincere thanks to the volunteers helping in the office, and to Ellen MacQueen for doing our weekly bank deposits.



Today we are grateful for:

~ I am grateful for our TEAMs and all the energy being put into UnityFC right now by so many different people to make it the best it can be.

~ I am so happy and grateful for new friends.

~ I am so happy and grateful for Zoom keeping us in touch!

~ I am so happy and grateful for the opportunity to help and serve our Unity Church of Fort Collins.

~ I am so happy and grateful for the raspberries.

~ I’m happy and grateful to know that I don’t have to believe everything I think.
We are grateful for all our volunteers and donors.



Today we are grateful for:

~ I’m grateful for the strong, loving community we have at Unity and for the members who have stepped in to support our Spiritual Leader.

~Thank you, Liz and Davine, for remaining strong.

~I am grateful for the Unity Community’s love and support in my life.

~We are grateful for the Interim Council members who have stepped up to serve for 90 days: Kurt Johnson, Anne Hudgens, Kelly Maffei, and Leane Gabel. And we are grateful for John Hansen, Council President, who continues to serve.

~Thank you to all the volunteers who are helping in the office and caring for our building and grounds. Special thanks to Lil McBrien, Gerald Gates, and Kimber Hawes.

~Thanks to Kelly Muffei for all her extra work and professional approach to attracting and vetting candidates for our new Tech Manager.

~Our whole community is grateful for Franklin Taggart, for his music, his leadership, his heart, his inspiration, and the many hours of extra support he has given to our Unity over his many years, and especially the past year