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“Although things do not always go according to plan, we sometimes sense a larger plan at work through synchronicity that opens startling possibilities.” ~out of “The Five Things We Cannot Change” by David Richo

Thank You!


…where we express gratitude for the abundance of love, help, work, great ideas, volunteering, donations, etc.—from the community at large and our own Unity community.






Today we are grateful for:

~Ms. Pam, who picked up lots of free covid supplies for our Unity

~The anonymous person who is pulling weeds at Unity on a regular basis

~The Compassionate Care Team, who is taking care of our Unity members by making calls and reaching out to folks



Today we are grateful for:

~Camina and Doug; thanks for the kind words in the lovely card!

~All the other folks sending sweet words and blessings in cards and letters to us here at Unity.

~Franklin, Liz, and Pam; who do such a great job on our remote services each Sunday—via Facebook.



Today we are grateful for:

~Tom Lale, who cleaned out Unity gutters

~Dan, our mower, who keeps our grounds and landscaping looking so beautiful

~Gerald and Cini, for purchasing and installing our new exit signs; we passed our annual fire inspection



Today we are grateful for:

~Davine Young, who is out guest speaker today

~Franklin, for editing and putting together our remote Sunday services

~Pam, for reading her children’s stories on Sundays

~Dan, who is keeping our grounds well tended



Today we are grateful for:

~Cini Bow, for her service to our Unity

~Everyone who participated in our regular monthly council meeting

~How wonderful our grounds look—so green and beautiful

~Ms. Pam, for holding social-distancing Sunday School teacher meetings in our parking lot



Today we are grateful for:

~For Ms. Pam, for coordinating a great social-distancing Sunday School program

~The warmer weather and rain



Today we are grateful for:

~The warm weather, green grass, and green leaves!

~The tulips, daffodils, and crocus coming up

~All the wonderful folks continuing to kindly donate to us during this season of quarantine

~All the essential personnel who continue to work, help, and put themselves in harm’s way



Today we are grateful for:

~Franklin, who got us a wireless sound system upgrade a great price

~All the very kind folks who continue to give online during this social distancing season

~Our vendors, who continue to serve us and answer our questions—even though they are on reduced hours and are at home

~All the essential works—grocery store personnel, delivery personnel, medical personnel, etc. who continue to be on the front line