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“Kind thoughts transcend space and time. . . . No matter where people are in life, kindness makes them celebrate together.” ~out of “The Healing Power of Kindness,” by Jean Maalouf

Thank You!


…where we express gratitude for the abundance of love, help, work, great ideas, volunteering, donations, etc.—from the community at large and our own Unity community.






Gratitude to:

* Brenda, Samantha, & Alivia Carey for being the 1st Christmas Eve service usher/greeter/candle lighters

* Arleen Brown & Robert Hudgens for being the 2nd Christmas Eve service usher/greeter/candle lighters

* Peggy & Franklin, for two wonderful Christmas Eve services

* The Unitics, for their lovely music last Sunday & on Christmas Eve

* The Tunitics, for blessing us with their beautiful voices on Christmas Eve




Gratitude to:

* Amy, for the beautiful music last Sunday

* Shannell, for the very moving, and uplifting story last Sunday

* Alivia, for being the sweet child that she is

* All the generous folks who brought goodies to sell last Sunday

* The Y.O.U. for helping out with the bake and craft sale

* The hardworking folks who helped set up and clean up for the bake sale last Sunday




Gratitude to:

* All the kind folks bringing toys, gift cards, and gifts for the Giving Tree and Realities for Children Toy Drive—Thank you so much!!!!

* Barbi, for helping with the Christmas decorations

* All the generous folks giving to the Matching Fund—Thank you!!

* The willing folks who step up to be usher/greeters each Sunday

* The carolers who brought joy to the good folks at Red Tail Ponds on Friday

* Lil and Gerald for organizing the Red Tail Ponds caroling




Gratitude to:

* Arlene Kramer, for her kind donation of candles for Unity’s use

* Gerald Gates, for repairing the toilet in the girl’s bathroom

* Pat Atchison, for sharing her brand new batch of quilts with us again this year for the month of December

* Sue Taylor, for creating the Giving Tree to hang in the lobby

* All the folks who are so generous this time of year:  Giving Tree, Matching Funds, Toy Drive etc. Thank you so much!!!!!




Gratitude to:

* Peggy, for doing a wonderful job on the one-woman Sunday service last week 🙂

* Will Moore, for donating to buy our sustainably harvested Christmas tree

* All of the folks who donated food to the Food Bank. Sue Taylor took 130 pounds of food to them last week!

* Bodhi’s recovered, good health




Gratitude to:

* Lynn Kendall, for such a fun, inspirational talk last Sunday

* Owen, who is always so wonderfully willing to share with us

* Franklin, for putting the Variety Show together for next week

* Leane Gabel, for taking on the potluck setup for next week

* Sue Taylor, for organizing and managing the Giving Tree, the food drive, & the Realities for Children toy drive

* Judy Hartzog’s successful heart valve replacement




Gratitude to:

* Gerald Gates, for fixing the coffee machine

* Jan & Reagan Waskom, for the ongoing song binder replacement project they are donating and facilitating

* The beautiful music of the Tunitics last Sunday

* JoEllen’s distinctive, funny, brilliant, uplifting performance last Sunday

* The anonymous donor who is offering the triple matching for year-end fund raising

* Jude, who is such a caring little guy





Gratitude to:

* All the kind folks who helped set up, organize, & facilitate Soup for the Soul last Sunday.

* All the fine folks who brought delicious food for Soup for the Soul—the soups were WONDERFUL!

* The beautiful Autumn weather

* Barb Wade & the folks who stayed late to clean up after Soup for the Soul

* Amy Augenstein, for her beautiful singing last Sunday