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“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” ~Will Rogers

Thank You!


…where we express gratitude for the abundance of love, help, work, great ideas, volunteering, donations, etc.—from the community at large and our own Unity community.






This week we are grateful to: 


* Kathe, for cleaning the upholstery on one of the chairs in the Myrtle room

* Gerald and son, for repairing and rebuilding the pirate ship

* Gerald & Jesse, for putting up the bird netting to keep birds from pecking holes in the building

* Everyone who stepped up to help out yesterday with cleaning up the outside of our Unity building

* Kris Swaton & Leane Gabel, for organizing the clean up day

* Barb Wade & Jason, for donating funds for the volunteers yesterday




This week we are grateful to: 


* Gerald Gates & Patrick Murray, for taking the air conditioners out of the windows

* Tim Peak, for continuing to do the drumming circle each month

* Lil & Gerald, for bringing us such wonderful Community Life events—including great movies each month

* Kris Swaton & Leane Gabel, for organizing & working at the Fall Clean-up Day

* Silent Unity, for all you do for everyone around the world

* The volunteers, first responders, and relief workers who help those in need when disasters strike




This week we are grateful to: 


* Oren, for his beautiful music last Sunday

* All the free water (rain) we’re being blessed with

* Carnival Cruise Lines and Delta Airlines, who are stepping up to help Puerto Rico

* All the folks helping Joanie Ritchie with meals

* The Gomang Tibetan Monks, for their blessings and music    today




This week we are grateful to: 


* JoEllen, Franklin & Lisa for doing a wonderfully creative Crop Walk announcement last Sunday

* JoEllen, for writing the Crop Walk skit

* The folks who have signed up to present their work at the Unity Coffee House

* Roger, who cleaned our east carpets so well—they are beautiful

* William Pilch, for hosting Unity retreats on his property in the mountains

* The folks who fill in at the last minute to be usher/greeters when no one has signed up!!!!!!




This week we are grateful to: 


* Leane, for putting in so much work on tidying up Unity’s Quickbooks

* All the Unity folks stepping up to help those in need—at Unity & in the community

* All those folks holding good thoughts & sending out prayers for a fast, easy, successful recovery for Joanie Ritchey

* John Magnie and family for such beautiful music last week

* Denise Johnson’s successful recovery




This week we are grateful to: 


* Franklin, for creating ideas that include the entire Unity family’s participation: Coffee House, Variety Show, etc.

* Cooler weather

* For those who show up to help others during floods and fires—and who also help by sending money and/or good juju

* William Pilch, for hosting a Labor Day retreat on his land and collecting Love Offerings that come back to Unity

* Those folks stepping up to help out other Unity folks in need (talk to Peggy to deliver meals, clean, and/or run errands for Unity folks in need).    




This week we are grateful to: 


* All the wonderful volunteers that helped at the Unity Picnic last week—and who brought wonderful food!

* Special thanks to Leane and JoEllen for organizing, supervising, setting up, & cleaning

* Special, special thanks to Gerald and Lil, who were the last ones out of the building last Sunday (and who said, when asked why that was, “I was thinking about your tomorrow.”)

* Tim, Barb, Amy, and the Unitics for such fabulous music last Sunday




This week we are grateful to: 


* JoEllen’s creativity in her announcements

* Leane & JoEllen, for organizing the annual potluck picnic

* Leane, for cleaning the building last weekend

* All the volunteers helping with the picnic today

* All those who brought and set up tents outside today

* Everyone who brought food for the picnic

* The Unitics and Franklin, for beautiful music today

* All the folks who sign up to help and be usher/greeters each Sunday




This week we are grateful to: 


* All the free water (i.e.: rain).

* And the sunshine between showers.

* Pam, for moving all the lost and found stuff into the lobby.

* The anonymous donation of $2000 to our Unity

* All the folks who help clean up after services on Sundays

* Paul Chubbuck, for his poem in the last newsletter

* Pam and her Summer Fun helpers, for cleaning out the big storage closet!




This week we are grateful to: 


* Barb Wade, for the great exercise and talk last Sunday

* Arlene Kramer, for donating lots of boxes of Kleenex to Unity

* Gerald and Cory, for their work on sound equipment

* All the weed-pullers helping in the backyard!

* The supportive sacred space that happens at Heart Talks

* The way people at our Unity quietly & anonymously step up to help out those among us in need.