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“No peace lies in the future which is not hidden in the present instant.” ~Fra Giovanni

Thank You!


…where we express gratitude for the abundance of love, help, work, great ideas, volunteering, donations, etc.—from the community at large and our own Unity community.






This week we are grateful to: 


* Randy Meyer, for taking care of the plants inside and out—and for the great flowering hanging plants outside for summer

* Gerald Gates for installing our bird bath in the front yard

* Franklin, whose third anniversary with our Unity is today—thanks for the beautiful music, thought-provoking talks, and kind, welcoming spirit!

* The abundant service offering last week

* John Hansen, for his years of faithful service to our Unity children




This week we are grateful to: 


* Unity ushers, who are so kind and work so hard each Sunday

* Ricardo the tree trimmer dude, who was so nice and who took all the tree trash with him

* The wonderful potluck last week

* Those folks who ask such great questions, wanting to find out more about our Unity




This week we are grateful to: 


* Will, for organizing the food for the council retreat

* Gerald, for bringing drinks for the council retreat

* The Unity Council, for getting together last Friday for the annual council & staff retreat

* April showers, bringing May flowers

* The support and love that happens in Heart Talks

* Ruth Pendergrast, for sharing Maya super food samples today




This week we are grateful to: 


* To all the folks who helped clean outside our Unity yesterday

* Leane Gabel & Kris Swaton, who coordinated the clean up day

* Gerald Gates, for repairing the playground gate, putting up the zip line, and installing the mouse deterrent in the van

* The Unitics, Tunitics & Amy Augenstein for the beautiful music last week

* The fragrant, blooming trees on the Unity grounds




This week we are grateful to: 


* Stacy K., for training our new bookkeeper

* Dennis Bogott, for stepping up to be our new bookkeeper

* All the glorious sunshine and warmth of Spring

* Ruth Pendergrast, for organizing the song sheets in the song room




This week we are grateful to: 


* Franklin, for delivering a great message last Sunday

* Peggy for coordinating the music last Sunday

* All the Sunday school teachers that take care of our children each Sunday

* All the folks who have set up automatic donations to Unity through Paypal or their bank

*  Gerald, for his plumbing expertise




This week we are grateful to: 


* All the wonderful volunteers who participated in the Inside Clean-up day. The building looks and feels so clean and fresh and loved!

* Leane, for filling in for Grace in the office last Sunday

* Randy and Terry Meyer, for planting early Spring plants outside in the planters. They look so beautiful.