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“Follow your passion, stay true to yourself, never follow someone else’s path unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost and you see a path then by all means you should follow that. ” ~Ellen Degeneres

Thank You!


…where we express gratitude for the abundance of love, help, work, great ideas, volunteering, donations, etc.—from the community at large and our own Unity community.






Gratitude to:

~ All the new old folks who showed up again last Sunday

~ All the folks who stayed to ask questions last Sunday

~ Sue P., for ordering the pizzas

~ JoEllen, for coordinating the candidates’ visits

~ All the folks who helped set up and tear down last weekend for all              events

~ Jan Waskom and Scott Thieman, for cleaning up leaves




Gratitude to:

~ Sue Pomeroy, for shoveling snow and ice last week after our first    snow

~ Sue Pomeroy, for sowing the original seed of the idea for the seed              spreading event today!

~ Sue Taylor, for helping out in the office this week to get ready for          our first candidate

~ All the outside clean-up folks—our grounds look wonderful!

~ All the folks who brought and sent seeds for the habitat

~ JoEllen, who is the hostess and coordinator for the visiting candidates




Gratitude to:

~ Shad, at Lind’s Plumbing, for repairing our boiler, so we can have    hot water and heat!

~ Dawn Mathis, for her talk last Sunday—thanks!

~ Gerald Gates, for setting up space heaters while the heat was out

~ The Unity council, for setting up 3 candidate weekends

~  Tom Lale, for taking the A/C units out of the windows




Gratitude to:  

~ The Search Team & Council, for all the work you are doing to get              us a new Spiritual Leader

~ Franklin Taggart, for all the extra work you have been doing in the      last few months to get guest speakers lined up each Sunday

~ William Pilch, for doing some work on the art wall

~ The great talk by Rev. John Beerman last Sunday




Gratitude to:

~ The Search Team, for all the work you are doing and for meeting         every week

~ Franklin, Linda, and JoEllen, for the great talk & music last Sunday

~ Gerald Gates, for putting in a new toilet in the girl’s bathroom

~ Rev. James Yeaw, for offering a free Unity Metaphysics class

series in October




Gratitude to:

~ The Search Team, for all the work you are doing and for meeting every week

~ Amanda, for the great talk last Sunday

~ Stirling Kyd, for his wonderful talk two weeks ago

~ To the lovely woman who took all the fabric table cloths home

after the annual picnic to wash them.