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“You better learn to like yourself, because you are going to be you forever. And forever is a lot longer than you think it is.” ~Dannion Brinkley

Thank You!


…where we express gratitude for the abundance of love, help, work, great ideas, volunteering, donations, etc.—from the community at large and our own Unity community.






Special gratitude this week for: 


* Franklin Taggart, for the beautiful video he produced for our Annual Meeting and the 67 congregants who stayed!

* Leane Gabel, for organizing food and everyone who contributed to our loving send-off for JoEllen and John last Sunday—especially people who stayed after to clean up!!

* The Tunitics, for their sweet reminder that, “We Are Not Alone!”




We are grateful for:

* The gift of 5 years with John and JoEllen and their sparkling, incredible,       giving, divinely earthy presence at our Unity!

* Matt Ito, pre-school dad, for donating 2 space heaters

* Our Council for their ongoing service (and for our lunch today!)

* Leane for filling in while Peggy got a wonderful knee shot!

* Our fabulous Sunday School teachers




We are grateful for

* The Unitics, for all the extra rehearsals for Sunday

* Gerald, for repairing one of the Unity gutters

* Robert Marshel, for spreading sand last Sunday

* All the new folks we see at Unity!

* The great 1st Principle discussion last Sunday



We are grateful for

* A new heart valve for Karen Crawford and the inspiring way she walks her journey

* Joanie Ritchey’s full recovery from cancer & the incredible grace, vulnerability, & strength she has shown in healing

* The generous ways people are supporting the Guatemala project & Unity

* Laury Browning, and the volunteers who help at The Mission

* Nancy Peltola, and the Days for Girls team, who are getting 100’s of kits out to girls and women, including kits to take to Guatemala

* Randy Mergler’s, Gerald Gates’ and Arleen Brown’s successful recovery




Today we are grateful for:

* The lovely space Grace created for the Burning Bowl Ceremony

* Gerald Gates, for the sturdy new door on the little library outside

* All the folks who attended the Burning Bowl Ceremony

* Gerald Gate’s and Randy Mergler’s successful surgeries




This week we are grateful to: 


* All the generous matching donations already given–thank you!

* Leane, for reading “Hong Duc” again for us this year

* Sue Taylor, for hauling all those gifts from the giving tree to where they all belong and doing all the sorting

* All the loving people in our congregation, who are reaching out in multiple ways to support each other during the holiday season




This week we are grateful to: 


* Donna Garcia, for donating copy paper to the office

* Leane Gabel, for doing some Unity laundry

* Kirsten Bolton, for the heart-felt, moving, inspiring talk last Sunday

* Peggy, for Spanish translation in preschool last week

* Leane, for donating a new vacuum to Unity—yay!




This week we are grateful to: 


* The mild weather we’ve been having

* Everyone who is bringing toys & gifts for children, senior citizens, and rescue animals—thanks!

* All the Homeless Gear donations—we’ve filled up the bins again

* Those folks who are delivering their senior citizen gifts in person

* All the matching donations coming in—yay! Thanks for the love in the form of money for our Unity!

* The uplifting, inspirational talk from Peggy last week