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“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.” –Wayne Dyer

Thank You!


…where we express gratitude for the abundance of love, help, work, great ideas, volunteering, donations, etc.—from the community at large and our own Unity community.






This week we are grateful to: 


* Mike Purcell, for donating his vehicle to Unity

* All the Matching Donations

* Franklin, JoEllen, and Leane for organizing the Potluck & Variety Show

* Laura Stevens and Jan Alexander, for volunteering to hostess the Ten Thousand Villages table tomorrow evening

* Lisa Faust, for donating her motorcycle to Unity




This week we are grateful to: 


* Everyone who donated food to the Larimer County Food Bank—we gifted them 127 pounds of food—nice job!

* For Gratitude itself, what this whole month is about

* Grateful that gratitude doesn’t have to be about anything


* Larimer County Food Bank, for all they do

* John Smith, for his wonderful music today

* People in our Unity community, who are willing to ask and accept help, be vulnerable in sharing their stories, in giving us the gift of letting us give to them




This week we are grateful to: 


* Julie Legg, for such a peaceful, educational talk last Sunday

* Pam, for getting the snow blower out of the shed for the season

* Gerald, for taking down the zip line for the winter

* Sue Taylor, for once again coordinating the giving tree, Realities for Children toy drive, and the food drive

* Peggy & the Tunitics, for their performance today




This week we are grateful to: 


* Lisa Faust, for donating her vehicle for Unity—yay!

* Folks from Heart Talks, for providing such great snackage last week for the Orientation

* Staff, JoEllen, and Leane, for the info and time spent last week for the Orientation

* All the folks who stayed for the Orientation to learn about Unity

* The council members who talked last Sunday




This week we are grateful to: 


* Lynn Kendall, for a wonderful, inspiring talk last Sunday

* Randy & Terry Meyer, for taking care of our plants—inside and out

* Sue Taylor, for heading up, again this year, the giving tree, the food drive, & the toy drive for Realities for Children

* JoEllen Fulton, for hostessing the snack table today

* Leane Gabel, for talking about our Unity’s finances today

* The four Unity staff members, for taking time today to tell us all about our Unity

* The Unity council members, who stepped up (literally) to speak up front about how Unity has impacted them over the years




This week we are grateful to: 


* Everyone stepping up to help Joanie and Dave

* The Heart Talk group, for providing snacks next Sunday for the Orientation

* Everyone who participated in the Unity Coffee House on Wed.

* Franklin & JoEllen, for all the planning and organization that went into the Coffee House

* Tim & Helen Peak, for continuing to do the Wednesday night drumming circle

* Lil & the Community Life Team, who continue to create great activities for our Unity




This week we are grateful to: 


* Kathe, for cleaning the upholstery on one of the chairs in the Myrtle room

* Gerald and son, for repairing and rebuilding the pirate ship

* Gerald & Jesse, for putting up the bird netting to keep birds from pecking holes in the building

* Everyone who stepped up to help out yesterday with cleaning up the outside of our Unity building

* Kris Swaton & Leane Gabel, for organizing the clean up day

* Barb Wade & Jason, for donating funds for the volunteers yesterday




This week we are grateful to: 


* Gerald Gates & Patrick Murray, for taking the air conditioners out of the windows

* Tim Peak, for continuing to do the drumming circle each month

* Lil & Gerald, for bringing us such wonderful Community Life events—including great movies each month

* Kris Swaton & Leane Gabel, for organizing & working at the Fall Clean-up Day

* Silent Unity, for all you do for everyone around the world

* The volunteers, first responders, and relief workers who help those in need when disasters strike




This week we are grateful to: 


* Oren, for his beautiful music last Sunday

* All the free water (rain) we’re being blessed with

* Carnival Cruise Lines and Delta Airlines, who are stepping up to help Puerto Rico

* All the folks helping Joanie Ritchie with meals

* The Gomang Tibetan Monks, for their blessings and music    today