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The MAP.

Beginning this New Year together, it is imperative that we first identify what we would most love to be, do, and have in 2020!

Once we have identified what we’d most love, the next question becomes, “How do we navigate the gap between our present day lives and what we’d most love our lives to be in this New Year?”

Come join me this Sunday, as I shares what the MAP is and how we can use our MAPS in navigating the gap with greater ease, grace, peace, love, and joy!!

See you Sunday!

What’s Love Got to Do With It.


Come join us as Davine Joy Young guest speaks for us. She be speaking about how we love our family and yet there are times that we have tough calls to make on their behalf. Are we really qualified to make them? Is it our place to do so? Life as we age in place, one day at a time. Grief has it’s moments of joy we can hold in our hearts.


Rev. Davine Joy Young started her journey in the Science of Mind teaching over thirty years ago. She knew her call was to be a minister, and graduated Holmes Institute in 2014. She then went on to take the CSL Chaplain program and completed it in Dec. 2016. 


Davine recently moved to Ft Collins with her wife, Liz Luoma, where she plans on being involved in whatever capacity she can at Unity of Ft. Collins. She will soon begin taking classes with the intention of being an Ordained Unity Minister.

20-20 Vision.

This Sunday, January 5th, the first Sunday of the New Year, we begin the awesome journey of co-creation in Spirit for our lives in this new year!
Come join us as Liz shares a powerful process where we tap into our 2020 Inner Vision of Great Spirit as our lives in this new year!



The Gift of Release.


Join us this Sunday, December 29th, for our new Spiritual Leader’s first talk! She will be talking about releasing. 

From Liz:

As we come to the end of another year, it is good for us to take the time to reflect upon all 
that was part of 2019 for us.


Reflection is a necessary component as we realize the power we have in releasing what was, knowing that as we release we also open to that Something Greater that is now ready to be healed and revealed in the upcoming New Year!!


Come join us as we celebrate and release 2019, opening to the Greatest Good for all in 2020!!

Blessed be.

One Big Messy Story.


Join us this Sunday as our own dear Franklin Taggart guest speaks for us.

From Franklin: 
All humans are myth makers and story tellers. Every one of us carries a story of life as we experience it.

As we come together, our stories blend with each other, creating an even greater narrative. The traditions we celebrate connect us with the stories of past ages, and as we add to our own understanding, even these traditions morph into new directions.

The process of blending our stories isn’t always easy. Many of our conflicts are rooted in mere differences in perception, as our central myths are challenged by different myths from other people and cultures.


The process of sorting out our individual stories and integrating them with each other is a messy one. It requires time and patience, but ultimately the process is worthwhile, resulting in a commonly held understanding that is deeper, wider, and longer than it was before.

Whose Voice Do You Need in Your Head: Nurturing Your Brilliant Ideas.

Join us this Sunday, December 15th, as Teresa R. Funke guest speaks for us. She is the author of Bursts of Brilliance for a Creative LifeShe has also written seven award-winning novels set in World War II; a popular blog; and numerous articles, essays, and short stories. She is an entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, and community catalyst.

Teresa believes today’s chaotic world needs an army of creative thinkers—and you are one of them! She’ll show you how to protect and nurture your best creative ideas to improve your home live, your business, and your community. Tune out your inner and outer critics and tune in to your inner coach.

Restore Your Faith.


Join us Sunday to hear more about Unity’s expanding partnership with La Bendición and Nuevo Todos Santos. Mike Hawes and Cindy Sargent just returned from their latest trip to Guatemala in early November. Their trip was full of new revelations, old friends, serendipitous connections, and continued community building – reaffirming their faith in humanity.


Cindy and Mike are the current co-leaders of Unity’s Guatemalan outreach team. Five years ago Unity of Fort Collins teamed up with Trees, Water, People to partner with the indigenous Mayan village of La Bendición Guatemala.


The intention of the partnership is to:

  • ~Develop a friendship and extended community between Unity of Ft. Collins and the Mayan Village of La Bendición.
  • ~Support and advocate for their vision of a thriving, regenerative community that lives in harmony with the earth.
  • ~Learn the virtues of cooperative community and being “at one” with the environment.
  • ~Nurture reciprocity and mutual growth as we work together to create a better world.

Two years ago the local Fort Collins chapter of Engineers without Borders joined our effort as we expanded our community to include the neighboring village of Nuevo Todos Santos.

Want to Serve our Unity?


We are putting out the call for folks who are interested in volunteering to be on the Unity council. The deadline for declaring your interest is this Sunday, December 1st.

We need two new members. Terms last for 2 years, and then you can serve an additional 2-year term if you choose to do so.

So this Sunday, some of the council members will be speaking in order to give you more information about what it means to be on our council. They are happy to take your questions, also.

All persons interested in being on the council must attend a meeting with the nominating committee this Sunday after the service.

Living in Gratitude.


Join us as our own Franklin Taggart guest speaks for us on Sunday, November 24th. He will be speaking about gratitude.

From Franklin:

The impetus for the talk on Sunday is a shift in my own experience of gratitude. I used to think of it as an end result, something that I should feel after I’ve gotten something I wanted or needed. Then at Thanksgiving dinner I could reflect on all the blessings I’ve been given and thank the appropriate deity. Sure, that’s an OK experience, but for me it had become a lifeless routine that was being done just for the sake of tradition. There was no vitality or meaning to it.

I started to wonder what it would be like if gratitude was an ongoing state of being. Not so much thankfulness to a higher power in exchange for something, but a recognition of the ongoing perpetual blessing of just being here, being alive, and the incredible odds that are being defied just to be human.

I also wondered about what life could be like if gratitude is the starting place. What if I welcome life just as it is, and accept it at face value, including the fact that there are things that I don’t like and that I wish I could change. One of the things that makes gratitude a higher state is that there isn’t much resistance involved in it. It’s a state of freedom in which there is awareness of unlimited abundance. If that was my baseline, how would that manifest in my behavior, in my effort, and in the results I might see?

Taken from Inbox Encouragement, November 20, 2019

Is There a Law of Gratitude?

Join us on Sunday, November 10th, to hear our former Spiritual Leader, Lynn Kendall, speak on gratitude. Being a Unity student for most of her life has fostered in Lynn a profound spiritual curiosity. Unity teachings encourage her curiosity and desire to seek spiritual fitness. After seven years of retirement (“I can’t believe that,” she says), she remains profoundly grateful for her years with Unity of Fort Collins.


From Lynn:  

Gratitude is one of my favorite subjects. I am looking forward to being with you to explore some question. Why show gratitude? Is it just the right thing to do, or does it have some other intrinsic value? Demonstrating sincere gratitude takes energy and thought, and having an attitude of gratitude requires the conscious effort of being thankful. So how can practicing gratitude have a permanent effect on you and those around you?