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Whose Voice Do You Need in Your Head: Nurturing Your Brilliant Ideas.

Join us this Sunday, December 15th, as Teresa R. Funke guest speaks for us. She is the author of Bursts of Brilliance for a Creative LifeShe has also written seven award-winning novels set in World War II; a popular blog; and numerous articles, essays, and short stories. She is an entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, and community catalyst.

Teresa believes today’s chaotic world needs an army of creative thinkers—and you are one of them! She’ll show you how to protect and nurture your best creative ideas to improve your home live, your business, and your community. Tune out your inner and outer critics and tune in to your inner coach.

Restore Your Faith.


Join us Sunday to hear more about Unity’s expanding partnership with La Bendición and Nuevo Todos Santos. Mike Hawes and Cindy Sargent just returned from their latest trip to Guatemala in early November. Their trip was full of new revelations, old friends, serendipitous connections, and continued community building – reaffirming their faith in humanity.


Cindy and Mike are the current co-leaders of Unity’s Guatemalan outreach team. Five years ago Unity of Fort Collins teamed up with Trees, Water, People to partner with the indigenous Mayan village of La Bendición Guatemala.


The intention of the partnership is to:

  • ~Develop a friendship and extended community between Unity of Ft. Collins and the Mayan Village of La Bendición.
  • ~Support and advocate for their vision of a thriving, regenerative community that lives in harmony with the earth.
  • ~Learn the virtues of cooperative community and being “at one” with the environment.
  • ~Nurture reciprocity and mutual growth as we work together to create a better world.

Two years ago the local Fort Collins chapter of Engineers without Borders joined our effort as we expanded our community to include the neighboring village of Nuevo Todos Santos.

Want to Serve our Unity?


We are putting out the call for folks who are interested in volunteering to be on the Unity council. The deadline for declaring your interest is this Sunday, December 1st.

We need two new members. Terms last for 2 years, and then you can serve an additional 2-year term if you choose to do so.

So this Sunday, some of the council members will be speaking in order to give you more information about what it means to be on our council. They are happy to take your questions, also.

All persons interested in being on the council must attend a meeting with the nominating committee this Sunday after the service.

Living in Gratitude.


Join us as our own Franklin Taggart guest speaks for us on Sunday, November 24th. He will be speaking about gratitude.

From Franklin:

The impetus for the talk on Sunday is a shift in my own experience of gratitude. I used to think of it as an end result, something that I should feel after I’ve gotten something I wanted or needed. Then at Thanksgiving dinner I could reflect on all the blessings I’ve been given and thank the appropriate deity. Sure, that’s an OK experience, but for me it had become a lifeless routine that was being done just for the sake of tradition. There was no vitality or meaning to it.

I started to wonder what it would be like if gratitude was an ongoing state of being. Not so much thankfulness to a higher power in exchange for something, but a recognition of the ongoing perpetual blessing of just being here, being alive, and the incredible odds that are being defied just to be human.

I also wondered about what life could be like if gratitude is the starting place. What if I welcome life just as it is, and accept it at face value, including the fact that there are things that I don’t like and that I wish I could change. One of the things that makes gratitude a higher state is that there isn’t much resistance involved in it. It’s a state of freedom in which there is awareness of unlimited abundance. If that was my baseline, how would that manifest in my behavior, in my effort, and in the results I might see?

Taken from Inbox Encouragement, November 20, 2019

Is There a Law of Gratitude?

Join us on Sunday, November 10th, to hear our former Spiritual Leader, Lynn Kendall, speak on gratitude. Being a Unity student for most of her life has fostered in Lynn a profound spiritual curiosity. Unity teachings encourage her curiosity and desire to seek spiritual fitness. After seven years of retirement (“I can’t believe that,” she says), she remains profoundly grateful for her years with Unity of Fort Collins.


From Lynn:  

Gratitude is one of my favorite subjects. I am looking forward to being with you to explore some question. Why show gratitude? Is it just the right thing to do, or does it have some other intrinsic value? Demonstrating sincere gratitude takes energy and thought, and having an attitude of gratitude requires the conscious effort of being thankful. So how can practicing gratitude have a permanent effect on you and those around you?



Heal Your Life and Live Your Dreams by Connecting with God, Self, & Others.


Join us as our 3rd Spiritual Leader husband and wife team, Nat & Suzanne Carter, speak for us this Sunday, November 3rd.


From them:  At the core of every spiritual tradition is the experience of oneness and the practice of love. Each of us is called to connect to the Truth of who we are. When we do this, we find ourselves in oneness with all of creation. Then, from the depths of connection, we can be transformed and make a difference in the world.


Though we have different gifts to use in ministry, this talk presents what we believe is the essential reason we are all here:  To connect with God, Self, and Others and fulfill our own personal purpose.

Help Me.


On Sunday, Oct. 27th, our 2nd candidate will give his talk on the power of vulnerability:  Help Me


Many of us were taught to “just do it.” Many of us are too timid to ask for help. Some of us see getting help as a sign of weakness. Let’s explore vulnerability and the power it possesses. It could change your life.


Michael Brooks is committed to personal growth through expanding his awareness while helping others with their spiritual path. He has spent the last 14 years serving ministries in Ohio and Arizona as an Ordained Unity Minister and spiritual leader. He employs a comfortable and humorous story telling style of speaking that brings inspiration and education to his talks and lessons.


He has completed Unity’s Continuing Education Program CEP and is a 2007 graduate of Unity School of Christianity. Michael is active in 12-step recovery with over 30 years of  sobriety. He has also completed the Lombard Menonite Peace keeping and Mediation Skills Training. He is partnering with his wife Rev. Meghan Smith Brooks in their latest endeavor Unity Awakening Ways.

Dancing with the Divine.


Join us as our first Spiritual Leader candidate,  Liz Luoma, gives a workshop this Saturday, October 19th entitled “The Still Small Voice, Tuning into Divine Guidance.” That workshop is from 1pm – 4pm here at our Unity.

She will also be speaking on Sunday morning followed by a meet-and-greet with snacks after the service in the sanctuary – while the Seed Broadcasting event is happening in the backyard.

In  life we all face challenges which are actually just opportunities for the Divine to come into a greater expression of Itself in and as our lives! What if everything we experience is really just an opportunity to learn a new language, the intimate language of the Divine.

Come join Liz as she shares more about this language and how learning to Dance with the Divine can greatly improve, enhance, and enrich our lives in all ways!!


Liz is a dynamic speaker, teacher, and a licensed, ordained minister who recently served as the minister at the Spiritual Center for Positive Living in El Dorado Hills & as the Senior Minister for 6 years at the Center for Spiritual Living Tahoe-Truckee, just to name a few of her accomplishments.

Side Effects.


Join us as our own Julie Legg guest speaks for us on Sunday and then officiates our annual Pet Blessing.


About her talk:  We usually think of “side effects” as being negative, as in when we take a drug to assist with curing a disease, and the side effects of said drug are actually worse than the original disease.


However, what if we changed our thinking about side effects, and we began to see them as positive outcomes to events – perhaps even unwanted events – in our lives? This is the direction of this Sunday’s talk.


As an ordained Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister, Rev. Julie is available to serve your spiritual needs for weddings, funerals, baby & pet blessings, and spiritual counseling. She has been at Unity of Fort Collins for many years, is based in Windsor, CO, and is available to persons throughout Northern Colorado and the Denver area.

A Hero’s Journey.


Join us as Dawn Mathis guest speaks for us on Sunday. She attended Unity years ago and is excited to be with us again this Sunday. Her talk will be based on the 4-week course, of which she is a certified instructor, that was written by Mary Morrissey called:  “Standing Firm When Your World is Shaking.”

For over 30 years, Dawn has worked with students, medical patients, real estate clients, senior citizens and caregivers to help them achieve their goals, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives.


Dawn has studied the Principles and teachings of the greatest thinkers and avatars of Success: Andrew Carnegie, Napolean Hill, Henry David Thoreau, Alan Cohen, James Allen, Emerson, Mary Morrissey, and others.

She blends her understanding of these Success Principles with her own life experiences and life lessons to help clients achieve extraordinary results in accelerated time.

She will also have information about her retreat in Jan 2020:  “A Hero’s Journey” (the full 4-week course over a 3-night stay in the mountains).

Also, if you would be interested in the 4-week course and her 2020 Vision Workshop here at our Unity, please let her know, as she is open to facilitating the course for us for a love offering that she would donate back to our Unity.