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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ~John Quincy Adams


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Service Recordings

You can listen to our Sunday talks on all your devices. Just go to the Service Recordings page and click on the ones you want to hear.




Unity is now a year-round, drop-off point for Homeward Alliance (formerly Homeless Gear).

There are bins in the lobby and Rumi Room so that you can donate gear at any time of the year.

Donated gear will be distributed to people and families who are homeless in Colorado.

They welcome used and new outerwear:
winter gloves
hand and foot warmers

Outdoor gear:
sleeping bags
water bottles
flashlights and headlamps
“mess” kits
hygiene items

They also welcome non-perishable food items.

They have a Children in Need program, and you can even donate new and used bikes and trailers.

Please, no basic clothing items (t-shirts, jeans, etc.).

Click on these links to learn more about their many programs.

Thank you for helping our Colorado homeless!



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Organizations, Publications & Literature

Unity World Headquarters
1901 NW Blue Parkway
Unity Village, MO 64065

Unity Village

Unity Online Library and Archives

Association of Unity Churches (AUC)

Unity Worldwide Ministries

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Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters

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Prayer Requests

Silent Unity

1-800-NOW PRAY (669-7729)

In need of a friendly voice and an affirmative prayer for yourself or someone else?

Silent Unity is a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week, even-on-holidays, all-faith, free support service provided by Unity Village, at Unity Headquarters, in Missouri. You simply call the number and you are greeted with a lovely recorded voice for a (very!) brief hold, then a live person comes on the line and talks to you and tells you that they are privileged to pray with you today, and asks how they may join you in prayer.

All requests are kept confidential.

After your prayer, he/she will ask if you would like to receive a support letter.

Then they take your prayer request and write it on a piece of paper and take that paper to their Chapel, where in 30-minute shifts, someone stays in prayer 24/7.
Your request is held there in their Chapel for 30 days, being prayed over constantly.

Myrtle Fillmore started Silent Unity as a prayer group. People started writing in and requesting prayers, and they would pray on those issues and answer the letters. When the amount of letters arriving became overwhelming, they had a phone line put in to handle more volume. This was in the early 1900’s. It has been a free, supportive service ever since.

You can call their number (1-800-669-7729) and talk to someone, email them, or you can even download an app for your mobile device.

prayerboxYou can also submit a written prayer request at our Unity. The Prayer Box is located in the entry. Just write your request on a piece of paper and put it in the (locked) box. Your information is kept confidential unless otherwise requested. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 970-482-1620.



The Founders of Unity Church, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore



Charles Sherlock Fillmore (August 22, 1854 – July 5, 1948) founded Unity, a church within the New Thought movement, with his wife, Myrtle Page Fillmore, in 1889. He became known as an American mystic for his contributions to spiritualist interpretations of biblicalScripture.




Charles was born in St. Cloud, Minnesota on August 22, 1854.


An ice skating accident when he was ten broke Fillmore’s hip and left him with lifelong disabilities. In his early years, despite little formal education, he studied Shakespeare, Tennyson, Emerson and Lowell as well as works on spiritualism, Eastern religions, and metaphysics.


He met his future wife, Mary Caroline Page, known as Myrtle, in Denison, Texas in the mid-1870s. After losing his job there, he moved to Gunnison, Colorado where he worked at mining and real estate.


He married Myrtle in Clinton, Missouri on March 29, 1881 and the newlyweds moved to Pueblo, Colorado, where Charles established a real estate business with the brother-in-law of Nona Lovell Brooks, who was later to found the Church of Divine Science.


Introduction to New Thought


After the births of their first two sons, Lowell Page Fillmore and Waldo Rickert Fillmore, the family moved to Kansas City, Missouri. Two years later, in 1886, Charles and Myrtle attended New Thought classes held by Dr. E. B. Weeks.


Myrtle subsequently recovered from chronic tuberculosis and attributed her recovery to her use of prayer and other methods learned in Weeks’s classes. Then Charles began to heal from his childhood accident, a development which he too attributed to following this philosophy. Charles Fillmore became a devoted student of philosophy and religion.


In 1889, Charles and Myrtle began publication of a new periodical, Modern Thought, notable among other things as the first publication to accept for publication the writings of the then 27-year-old New Thought pioneer William Walker Atkinson. In 1890 they announced a prayer group that would later be called “Silent Unity.” In 1891, Fillmore’s Unity magazine was first published.


Dr. H. Emilie Cady published Lessons in Truth in the new magazine. This material later was compiled and published in a book by the same name, which served as a seminal work of the Unity Church. Although Charles had no intention of making Unity into a denomination, his students wanted a more organized group. He and his wife were among the first ordained Unity ministers in 1906. Charles and Myrtle Fillmore operated the Unity organizations from a campus near downtown Kansas City.





You no Longer Have to Use a King Soopers Gift Card to Give Back to our Unity!

Sign up to give back to our Unity every time you use your King Soopers Loyalty Card



King Soopers has made it easier for you to give back to our Unity!


Now, instead of having to get a Gift Card from us and refill it each time before you check out, you simply go online and sign up to give to Unity Preschool via your Loyalty Card. Each time you shop and use your Loyalty Card – no matter how you pay for your purchase – you give back to our Unity.


King Soopers gives 5% back to Unity every time you buy groceries, gas, or stamps – with no loss to you. Woohoo! Free money for Unity!


Here’s how to sign up:


1. Go to https://www.kingsoopers.com/

2. Sign in to your Loyalty account (that you use to get discounts when you shop), or create your new account. 

3. Roll over “Save”  (on the top left side) and then

4. Click on “King Soopers Community Rewards”

5. On the next page, scroll down and click on “Enroll Now” (it’s in blue)

6. On the next page, search for our organization by typing “Unity Preschool” or “BD618” into the search box & click the blue search bar

7. On the next page, scroll down and find “Unity Preschool”

8. Click the “Enroll” bar

You’re done!



Use your Safeway card to purchase your groceries and stamps. It’s free money for Unity! 

How it works: Purchase your card from Unity for $5 (it’s already loaded with $5.) Your card is re-loadable, so you can use that same card forever—as long as you don’t let it go over 90 days since your last load.
Then, IN A SEPARATE TRANSACTION—and BEFORE checking out, refill your card right at the checkout before they ring up anything. You don’t lose any money and Unity receives 5% of the accumulated total spent by all Unity cardholders. Cards can be used for groceries and stamps.
Please note that your Safeway card is good at all Albertson’s Stores too.



Amazon Smile Program for our Unity 

Unity Church of Fort Collins has partnered with the AmazonSmile Program.  All you need to do is visit smile.amazon.com instead of amazon.com.  The first time you visit the site, you will be prompted to search for and designate Unity Church of Fort Collins as your charitable organization of choice.
Unity‘s link is here.
Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Unity. Please let family members and friends know about our Amazon Partnership!  We appreciate your kindness to and your support for our Unity!