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“Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.” ~Kahlil Gibran

Listen to Your Mother!

April 19, 2018




You are invited to bring a tangible symbol/object that honors Earth/Spirit this Sunday. 


Please bring a not-too-big object that can be placed on a table or windowsill in our Unity space—something you feel represents your spiritual connection, your gratitude, your energy. We will place these items around the sanctuary in a little ceremony during the service.


You are invited to leave your item here as a way of blessing our Unity. In doing this we can each acknowledge our part and be even more intentional in the space we co-create together here. 


As you decide whether and what you might like to share, consider the following quotes by Shaun McNiff in his book, Earth Angels:

“Objects convey energy, spiritual forces, and medicine to viewers who are able to open themselves to the life conveyed. The world is full of potential remedies if we can learn to access their resources…”

“The earth angel is a contemplation of the pure presence of a thing, its distinct and nontransferable qualities, its unique nature, what Buddhism calls its suchness, or the phenomenologists call its essential being — the different states of fullness I feel when entering a flower shop, bookstore, or service station…”  


We have a wonderful service planned for this Earth Day Sunday and hope you can join us!


In gratitude,





Randy Meyer is our guest speaker on Sunday.  His talk is titled, “Listen to Your Mother!” and it is about how we allow the many distractions in our modern life to disconnect us from Mother Earth and the natural world. As a result of that disconnection, we have really abused our Mother. One of Randy’s questions is, “What if we consciously spent some of our time in silence, connecting and listening for what Mother Earth has to say?”

The service will include our special blessing ceremony, drumming, and special music by Terry Meyer, Kirsten Bolton, and the Unitics.