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You cannot look at that which you do not want and not join and perpetuate that vibration. Take your attention from that which is not in harmony with who you are, and your “now vibration” will adjust to who you really are — and then you can uplift others. ~Abraham

Listening as a Spiritual Practice.

July 17, 2019


Join us this Sunday as our own Ellen MacQueen guest speaks for us. She is a retired Licensed Clinical Social Worker who worked with people in many settings. She had a private counseling practice, was involved in services for children, hospitals, hospice, and was on a team of medical professionals delivering care in patients’ homes. She enjoys reading, time with family and friends, walking, yoga, and spending time in nature. Trips to the mountains feed her soul.


From Ellen:
I decided to speak about listening because it is a much underappreciated aspect of our daily interactions with others. I continue to learn the value of really listening to others, listening to my inner guidance, and listening to nature. Even though I can’t always achieve my desires around this, I understand that listening and speaking from our hearts is an amazing gift to ourselves and others.