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Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening. ~Lisa M. Hayes

Next UFC monthly council meeting is July 12th at 12noon MST.

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Meeting ID: 894 0568 9101



Unity Council Meeting Agenda

July 12, 2020 @12noon via Zoom


~Minutes from previous meetings neede—ne 2020

~Reports (see below)

Any questions about the reports?

~Monthly Donation

~Old Business

Guest speakers—How much do we pay guest speakers? $200 for everyone?

~Music / songbook

~Re-Opening Church—further updates?


















Office report for July 2020 council meeting:
-posted all covid posters on doors
-created covid sanitation “station” in east hallway
-created new website page (link) for council meeting info for folks to look at before our meetings
-filled out and posted Larimer county guidelines for houses of worships that meet in person (inside or outside)
-doing cleaning in the office and our one open-to-the-public restroom
-purchased more covid supplies
-I’m still working on a Unity “membership” list
-Chris, with Compustar, came in (he comes in quarterly) and cleaned up our computer and did the quarterly maintenance and backup
-I continue to communicate with the “outside” and Unity group leaders about our building access plan as it evolves. It is my understanding that the Monday Heart Talks folks will start meeting outside soon, here at Unity
-the power of God creates through me

Youth Education Report for July 2020

– met w/preschool board to plan re-opening criteria for September (we are hopefully cautious). We made decisions regarding: days, times, snack protocol, arrival & departure guidelines to facilitate 6ft distancing.  We may have to use both the playground & the front entrances for arrivals and the parent helper and I each day will ‘deliver’ each child to parents’s vehicles at dismissal to avoid 6ft distancing problems, sanitizing & disinfecting room, hall, equipment & restrooms, yoga & music classes protocols, etc.
– studied &?shared w/preschool board State mandated guidelines for children groups’ safety
– started Tues/Thurs small group of Summer Fun children (max 13 as per regulations) but usually only have 8-9 kids. We do not use the building except the restrooms which are disinfected after each use. All children bring their own water bottle so we’re not using the building’s drinking fountain.
-learning from Summer Fun Children’s group what works best for cleaning, mask-wearing, social distancing, taking temps, sign in protocols, etc. which are being incorporated in the opening for Sunday School and preschool This fall
-picked up additional FREE safety & cleaning supplies from my contacts at County-level Early Childhood Education:  2 gallons bleach, case of toilet paper,2 gallons liquid soap, 3 boxes of disposable gloves, case of paper towels, & 2cases of pull-up diapers, Size 4-5, for families that need them
-purchased a non-touch thermometer so now we have 2 in the building (preschool paid)
-will participate in a State guidelines safety meeting this Thursday
-found & ordered 2 reference books “Unity Twelve Powers for Children” & “Five Unity Principles for Children” both of which were initially found on the Unity website then when deleted had to order directly from the author’s website
-continued to disinfect west side of building when I’m on premises, usually 4 days a week
-interviewed one bookkeeper candidate & passed along info (not a match, too much $)
-assisted in completing a County information form for permission to have 25 folks outside at our August Council meeting
-Contacted all  Sunday School teachers to ask ‘how are you?’ & had lunch w/one
-Recorded lessons (‘Bullying’ last week) & books for the FB group
-recorded the story for Sunday morning services each week (thanks to Nick Armstrong for converting Sunday stories for us!)
-personally purchased a gift card for Nick as a thank you.
-Preschool Board & I are researching using ultraviolet contraption to destroy germs each day. I saw it on an ad for Allen Plumbing Heating & Air!  Also one board member’s husband works for the Health Dept! So he’s an excellent source.

All is Well!


Treasurer Report for July 2020

We reached consensus on an outside bookkeeper, and look forward to getting the ball rolling and working with Danielle Goodman from Justthebooks, a local company here in Fort Collins.
I will let the other bookkeepers that we considered know our decision.
Leane continues to assist us for a reasonable rate on reconciliations, reports, and such, as I am still facing re-exposure quarantine with each shift. Shout out to Liz for helping with this too. We will likely need some extra work from Leane, Dennis, and possibly Grace to transition the accounting to the outside bookkeeper.
Grace reached out about a separate wind/hail insurance policy to cover our deductible in case of future hail damage claims.
We have around $60K in the main checking account.
The world is tough right now, but you are all awesome!

Music Report for July 2020


Services continued to be offered by video for the month of June. I pre-record the songs and all of Liz’s parts of the service, usually on Saturday mornings. Pam records her own story videos and Nick Armstrong sends them to me. Videos are edited on Saturday afternoons and sometimes late evenings then posted for premiere on Facebook Live scheduled for Sunday mornings at 10AM. I’ve been making PowerPoint slides of all the community songs that are included in the videos.


In the last council meeting I sent a couple of documents. First my resignation letter, and the other an update on the music licensing research results. I’ve decided to make my resignation effective after the service for August 16th has been completed. For music licensing, the council will need to review the reports from last month and take action as needed to fulfill our obligations for our music uses. There is one fee we can pay now that will cover all of our uses except for songbooks and projected lyric slides. The easiest solution for our licensing obligations for the printed music we use is to select and purchase songbooks with projection slide permission included in their use. This is also the least expensive solution of those we have. The other option is to obtain separate permission from each of the composers of the songs we have copied in our songbooks and pay them directly for the use. This will be much more expensive and will require a large commitment of time to complete.


Liz also asked me to write up a job description for the video recording and editing along with some projected costs for equipment and software. There are two different ways that services and events can be presented on video. The first is to pre-record and edit them, the second is to live stream them as they’re happening.


For pre-recorded services we’ve been using zoom with computer webcams and microphones to record the segments of our services. For the time being that is the easiest and least expensive way to proceed for recording. For editing I  use a program called Camtasia by TechSmith. I like it because it’s easy to learn and the quality of output is pretty high. One equipment need that will need to be considered for video editing and for livestreaming is a very fast computer with a large amount of drive storage space. I’m using a dell laptop with an Intel i5 processor which is only moderately fast, and my computer often will overheat and lag when I’m editing videos. I also have a large hard drive to store video on and have almost filled it completely after the past few months of making our service videos. The recommended computer specifications for video editing are an Intel i7 processor with 16GB of RAM, a graphics card that will support the large file sizes associated with video(video gaming graphics cards also work well for video). The computer will also need to have more than one terrabyte of drive storage. Most computers that are made for video editing have a 3TB storage drive. Recording, editing and uploading one Sunday service usually takes me between 7-8 hours. 


For livestreaming, many churches I’ve seen have someone filming using their smartphone and broadcasting through a high speed internet connection. We do have a high speed connection at Unity so this is one possibility that would be the easiest and least expensive. There is a class of cameras that are created specifically for live-streaming, the most well known of which are made by a company called Mevo. Mevo cameras are able to shoot up to seven different perspectives from one camera and they can be operated through an app on a smart device or computer for live editing. This would be a wonderful option if you wanted to be able to zoom in on specific points like people’s faces or the projector screen. With the smartphone option we wouldn’t be able to to connect our sound system to the video, with the Mevo you can connect easily for a more professional quality sound. I don’t recommend that you have one person handle both music and livestream production. Personally I would find that too many things to juggle and my focus wouldn’t be on the quality of the service, it would be on the camera equipment. This ideally would be a person who could set up, operate and tear down the equipment for each event that is being streamed. While a professional videographer would charge a lot for this timeframe and level of service, there are probably people from within the community who have enough experience with the technology to do an adequate job for a lower cost.
There are also people who specialize in live video production who could include more than one camera for a high level professional production. These folks usually charge several hundred dollars for their expertise for one event.

Thanks all,


Spiritual Leader’s Report for July  2020


  • Provided online FB remote streaming Sunday services for June
  • Began a series of Sunday talks based on the book “The Art of Uncertainty.”
  • Facilitated the Celebration of Life Service for John Albright
  • Phone connections with various UFC congregants
  • Communications with Unity Worldwide Ministries
  • Assisted Leane in the completion of Financial Reports and Bank Reconciliation
  • Completed my part of the Special Dispensation Renewal Request
  • Created and co-facilitated a new on-line class, “Living in the Mystery…And Loving It.”
  • Met with Unity ministers monthly on Zoom
  • Attended the Unity of FC Interfaith Zoom meeting
  • Attended the Fort Collins Interfaith Racial Zoom Discussion
  • Phone meetings with my mentor, Rev. Susan Gumm
  • Checking and approving Unity invoices weekly
  • Co-sign UFC checks every week
  • Provided our Wednesday night Meditation service via FB Live
  • Continued with Zoom Community Connections for Sundays
  • Continual prayer, visualization, meditation for all beings, our community and world
  • Create weekly blurbs for Grace to put in newsletter and website
  • Work with Franklin weekly in music possibilities for Sunday service
  • Spiritual counseling sessions in person and by phone
  • Completed inquiries about outside bookkeeping services and reported to Council
  • Continued “Advice from Nature” FB Live daily inspirational share

Larimer County 

Safer at Home Places of Worship Checklist
más seguro en el hogar Lugares de culto Lista de verificación
(updated 6/13/2020 — subject to change per State orders)

Business name: Unity of Fort Collins

Facility address: 1401 W. Vine Dr., Fort Collins, CO  80521, 970-482-1620

  • Employees and volunteers must be educated in the requirements in the checklist and understand how these measures help to reduce the transmission and spread of COVID-19.
  • The completed checklist must be posted either in the main office or with other required labor and employment postings.
  • Enforcement will be handled on a complaint basis. You do not need to submit this form to the Larimer County Health Department unless asked to do so. If an inspector enters your facility, you will need to show how the measures included in this checklist are being complied with.
  • If you are not following the checklist requirements, you may be required to close.
  • If there is an outbreak associated with your facility, you may be required to close.
  • This information could be updated with additional guidance and information released by the state.


  • Using templates provided by the Larimer County Health Department at each public entrance of the facility or location to inform all employees and customers about social distancing, not entering when sick and face covering requirements;
  • If not using existing templates, signage posted at each public entrance of the facility or location to inform all employees and customers must include;
    • To avoid entering the facility or location if they have a cough or fever.
    • Face coverings must be worn by all employees and customers.
    • Social/Physical distancing requirements of maintaining a minimum six-foot distance between employees and customers.

Measures To Protect Employee Health (check all that apply to the facility): 

  • Everyone who can carry out their work duties from home has been directed to do so.
  • All employees and volunteers have been told not to come to work if sick (including any of the following- headache, sore throat, fever, dry cough, recent inability to taste and smell, shortness of breath, ear aches, body aches, diarrhea, fatigue, vomiting and abdominal pain).
  • Symptom checks are being conducted before employees and volunteers may enter the facility.
  • Employees and volunteers who are symptomatic must be excluded from the workplace and required to isolate for 10 days. They should be encouraged to get tested for COVID-19 either through a local provider or Larimer County’s community wide testing.
  • Daily cleaning and disinfecting of frequently high touch surfaces such as desks, phones, light switch, door knobs and faucets
  • Break rooms, bathrooms, and other common areas are being disinfected frequently, on the following schedule;
    • Bathrooms:   Monday mornings and Friday evenings
    • Office computer, desk and phone:  Daily at noon
    • Disinfectant and related supplies are available to all employees at either their workstations or the following location(s):  east hallway – above and below hallway sink
    • Hand sanitizer effective against COVID-19 is available to all employees at either their workstations or the following location(s):  east hallway sink area
    • Copies of this Protocol have been distributed to all employees.
    • Optional—Describe other measures:

Measures To Promote Physical Distancing (check all that apply to the facility): 

  • Places of worship may allow participants up to fifty percent (50%) of maximum occupancy.
  • In each confined indoor space, in order to achieve 6 ft social distancing, the limit is 50% of the posted occupancy code limit ensuring a minimum 28 square feet per person not to exceed more than 175 people at any given time.
  • Multiple large rooms in a facility can be used as long as each space can follow ALL the guidelines and each room has 4 walls and a door. Service times may have to be staggered to accomplish this.  Leaders must attend to distancing requirements, available restrooms, separate entrance/exit doors, and timely cleaning practices.
  • Outdoor worship services may be conducted on church property if 6 feet social distancing can be maintained and not to exceed 175 people at any given time.
  • Occupants must maintain 6 feet or more of social distancing while in the facility.
  • If possible, an employee or volunteer will monitor the door to ensure that the maximum number of people in the facility set forth above is not exceeded.
  • Implement procedures to maintain social/physical distancing by placing markings on the floor to maintain at least six feet distance where lines form, creating one-way entry/exit and aisles.
  • Speakers, preachers, presenters, and singers should move considerably further back (25-27 feet) than the prescribed 6 feet of physical distance to maximize distance between them and the front row of attendees.
  • Choirs should not be used at this time given the strong risk of viral spread from singing.
  • Optional—Describe other measures used to to promote physical distancing:

Measures To Prevent Unnecessary Contact (check all that apply to the facility): 

  • Participants must be asked whether they have COVID-19 symptoms at the door and excluded from the place of worship if symptomatic.
  • Participants will be required to wear a face covering both when entering and while present in the house of worship.
  • Food and drink sharing is not permitted
  • Communion: Direct interaction between faith leaders and congregants should be touch-free. Individually packaged communion is the safest option. When communion is not individually wrapped, the container for the host/bread should remain covered and uncontaminated during blessings and prayers. Distribution should be touch-free. Common cups are very high-risk and should not be used.
  • Optional – Describe other measures (e.g. providing senior-only hours):

Measures To Increase Sanitization (check all that apply to the facility): 

  • Hand sanitizer, soap and water, or effective disinfectant is available to the public at or near the entrance of the facility and anywhere else inside the building or immediately outside where people have direct interactions.
  • Disinfecting all high-contact surfaces frequently.
  • Optional—Describe other measures:

* Any additional measures not included here should be listed on separate pages, which the business should attach to this document.

You may contact the following employee with any questions or comments about this protocol: 

Name:     Annette McFarlane (Unity Council President)

Phone:    970. 689. 7293

Email:     gadgetgal7@gmail.com