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As a master of the art of living, I make little distinction between my work and my play, my labor and my leisure, my mind and my body, my information and my recreation, my love and my religion. I hardly know which is which. I simply pursue my vision of excellence at whatever I do, leaving others to decide whether I am working or playing. To me, I’m always doing both. ~Adapted from James A. Michener


Music Leader


Unity of Fort Collins seeks a musically gifted, creative, community-oriented, heart-centered team-player to lead our music ministry with our Co-ministers in creating engaging music for and with our spiritual community. The Unity Music Leader is a salaried part-time position with opportunities for growth as the community grows.



• Provide inspiring and heartfelt music for Sunday morning services, working with the Spiritual leader to create a cohesive service that “celebrates the practice of the presence of God.”
• Lead congregational singing, teach new songs, create multiple opportunities for congregational participation in music.
• Coordinate with other musicians on a weekly basis, especially working to bring forth the musical talent that exists within the Unity community. Rehearse as necessary with such musicians to prepare the music.
• Schedule and coordinate guest musicians. Respond to inquiries from potential guest musicians and ascertain in collaboration with the Spiritual leader as to whether they are a good match for FC Unity services. Negotiate terms with the musicians we decide to book.
• Provide music info (song titles, guests, etc.) to the Office Admin for the weekly bulletins.
• Attend monthly Council Meetings and provide Music Leader Report.
• Help create special music events/concerts in collaboration with the Spiritual leader for the benefit of our Unity General Fund. Coordinate with Office Admin to schedule on church calendar and coordinate volunteer support if needed. Create posters and tickets as needed (or ensure these are created). Ensure proceeds are tracked and timely payments are made to musicians.
• As position grows, develop music programs for children and youth in coordination with the Spiritual leaders.
• Report songs used for music licensing in videos via Christian Copyright Solutions weekly.


Required Qualifications:

• Ability to lead congregational singing
• Commitment to New Thought and/or Unity principles and practice
• Ability to play at least one musical instrument
• Energetic, outgoing individual who enjoys serving as part of a team
• Available for work on weekends and holiday functions


Desired Qualifications:

• Experience in music ministry
• Experience or familiarity with youth music ministry
• Ability to play piano and a second instrument
• Experience in choir leadership
• Technical skills including computer software, internet, video and sound systems


To apply, please email your resume, professional references, cover letter with response to questions below, and an audition link with subject “Music Leader” to office@unityfc.org.


Fort Collins Unity Music Leader
Candidate Questions

• What is your previous experience in music ministry?
• Please describe your experience in choir and congregational singing
• What musical instruments do you play and at what level of proficiency?
• Please describe your personal approach to music ministry.
• What experience do you have working with youth?
• What technical skills do you bring to this position?
• What contacts do you have with the wider music community, locally and nationally?
• Why would you like to serve as the Music Leader of Fort Collins Unity and what special skills and talents do you bring to the community?