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“If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done? ” ~George Carlin

News and Events

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Services are at 9am and 10:30am every Sunday. The first service at 9am tends to be a small group that is quiet and contemplative. The second service is at 10:30am and usually has more folks in attendance and is more boisterous.


On the 5th Sunday of any month, we combine the services and have one service at 10am.


Childcare is provided for all services. Join us!


Office (& Bookstore) hours/days:  Sunday—Thursday, 8:30am—11:30am





the at-a-glance calendar

Feb 20th ~ StoryZime ~ 6:30pm ~ Rumi Room
Feb 24th ~ Guest speaker Steve Colladay
Feb 24th ~ Transition Q&A with Steve ~ 4pm ~ Myrtle Room
Feb 26th ~ Weekly Heart Talk ~ 10am ~ Myrtle Room
Feb 26th ~ Transition Q&A with Steve ~ 6:30pm ~ Myrtle Room
Feb 27th ~ Book Study Group ~ 7pm ~ Rumi Room



Mar 2nd ~ 1st Transition Workshop at Unity: Honoring Our Past, Creating Our Future (HOPCOF) ~ facilitated by Steve Colladay, our Unity Transition consultant ~ 9am—4pm ~ structured children’s activities provided at no cost to parents ~ bring your lunch
Mar 3rd ~ Guest speaker Steve Colladay
Mar 10th ~ Peggy, speaker
Mar 10th ~ Spring into New Life Laughter & Wellness Mini-Retreat ~ 2—3:30pm
Mar 16th ~ Annual Indoor Clean up Day at Unity ~ 8am—2pm
Mar 17th ~ Peggy, speaker
Mar 24th ~ Peggy, speaker
Mar 30th ~ 2nd Transition Workshop at Unity: Vision, Mission, Core Values ~ 9am – 4pm ~ facilitated by Steve Colladay ~ structured children’s activities provided ~ bring your lunch
Mar 31st ~ ONE SERVICE at 10am FOR 5TH SUNDAY ~ Guest speaker Steve Colladay



April 7th ~ Guest speaker Tim Wade
April 14th ~ Peggy, speaker
April 21st ~ Peggy, speaker ~ Easter
April 28th ~ Peggy, speaker



May 5th ~ Peggy’s last day and send-off party
May 12th ~ Guest speaker Kirsten Bolton ~ Mother’s Day
May 19th ~ Guest speaker Steve Colladay
May 26th ~ Guest speaker Steve Colladay



For more information about upcoming events, see our calendar. Also check out the Unity “Get Involved” page to see all of our events throughout the year.


























Transition Update ~ Feb. 14, 2019

Dear Unity Friends,

As we begin the process of leadership transition at Unity of Fort Collins, I’ve been asked to write updates for the community to keep us all informed and engaged as we begin to discern our best next steps. Our council and staff are committed to making this process transparent and inclusive, with the intention of taking the time we need to accurately assess our congregation’s vision and mission, and to thoughtfully hire the right leadership for our next stage of community life.

As our council President, Gerald Gates has initiated contact with Unity Worldwide Ministries, who offer a range of consulting services and interim ministry possibilities for congregations in transition. Their first step in serving us was to have our current and incoming council members and staff complete an assessment asking us to reflect on our recent history, leadership and ministries, as well as our desires, insights, and hopes for our near future.

These assessments were used to determine which of their transitional consultants would be a good fit for our community. It has been recommended that we work with Steve Colladay, a long-time ordained Unity Minister and Certified Transitional Consultant and Ministry Wellness Specialist.

On Sunday, February 3rd, the council and staff met with Steve in a videoconference to hear an introduction to the consulting process and to ask questions about the interim between Peggy’s departure and our search for a new Spiritual Leader. We agreed to contract with Steve to spend several two-week periods with us in the next few months, during which he will help lead the congregation to ensure continuity during the transition.

He will also be facilitating a series of day long workshops in which all community members (past, present, and future) may participate in learning from and honoring our past, envisioning our future, and determining our community vision, values and mission. The last phase of his work with us will be to train our search team as we begin the process of screening and hiring new leadership.

Our council and staff have agreed to engage in this process with Steve, and we’ve invited him to schedule his first two-week visit between February 20th and March 6th. He’ll be available to meet community members and answer your questions directly, and he’ll be speaking at services to introduce himself to our entire group.

As this process unfolds it’s going to be important to maintain strong connections with each other and to mitigate the rumor mill. If you have any questions about what is happening, please ask a staff member or council member directly. We are a lively and healthy community, and we want to continue to grow in strength and spirit.

Thank you!

Franklin Taggart, Unity of Fort Collins’ Music Director

























Facilitated by Leslie Townsend: 
Leslie Townsend loves and values the ancient art of storytelling, as well as the healing power of mutual sharing. Growing up in an Irish family in Montana, stories and humor were loved and cherished. Leslie has a BA in Cultural Anthropology, a Master’s in Social Work, and is currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker assisting people as they journey through life transitions. She has lived in Larimer County since 1985. For more info call/text Leslie at 970-227-6909 or email her astoryzime@gmail.com.














Drumming Circle in the Rumi Room

Next meeting is Wednesday, March 13th at 7pm 



Read what this article has to say about the benefits of drumming circles:
“Drum therapy is an ancient approach that uses rhythm to promote healing and self-expression. From the shamans of Mongolia to the Minianka healers of West Africa, therapeutic rhythm techniques have been used for thousands of years to create and maintain physical, mental, and spiritual health.


“Current research is now verifying the therapeutic effects of ancient rhythm techniques. Recent research reviews indicate that drumming accelerates physical healing, boosts the immune system and produces feelings of well-being, a release of emotional trauma, and reintegration of self.”














Healing our Gender Wounds

Every 2nd Thursday of the month

Next meeting:  March 14th

6:30—8:30  Rumi Room


Claire has a master’s in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and has worked as a grief counselor and an Art Therapist. At this stage in life Claire is most passionate about living a simple, joyful, connected life, and being a quiet agent of healing and cultural transformation in her community.

Paul is a body-centered trauma psychotherapist with a private practice in Fort Collins called “Releasing The Past”. He is currently enrolled in a yearlong professional training with Gender Equity and Reconciliation International.

Together Paul and Claire hope to foster a spirit of love, emotional safety, exploration, and healing of these issues in the group members, in themselves, and in our families and communities. If you need further information, you may contact Claire at (970) 231-6194 or Paul at (970) 493-2958.

There is a suggested love offering of $10.














Comfort Shawl Group

Compassionate Creations

Join us the third Monday of each month for our Prayer Shawl Group Meeting. We meditate and create. 

Our next meeting is March 18th at 7pm in the Myrtle Room 














Donate Your Vehicle to Support Unity!














Call for Fiber Art for the Rumi Room


Wall quilt by Sally Manke on Etsy.

We need fiber artwork of all sizes for the walls of the Rumi Room. It is very echo-y in there and fabric on the walls helps out with that.

The artwork will be rotated monthly if we have enough folks interested. You are welcome to put a price tag on your item if you are willing to sell it. The art work can be made by you, someone you know, or just really lovely to look at. 

Even small fiber art pieces may be submitted for approval.

Fiber arts only.  NO paintings, artwork framed in glass, “fibers” that are not “soft,” stretched canvas, or photographs please.


  • All pieces must be submitted via digital photograph(s) with dimensions, and approved by committee before anything is hung. Do not bring anything to Unity until approved, please.
  • All hanging methods must only use small nails or push pins and must be approved also, prior to hanging. We do not want large holes and molly bolts, etc. in the Rumi Room walls.
  • You are responsible for making your artwork hang-able and for hanging and taking down your work. We have ladders and stepstools.
  • All art will hang for one month unless there are no others in line, and then the art will hang for as long as both Unity and you are in agreement that it should remain hanging.
  • All art may be tagged and sold by the artist – with the money going to the artist or to Unity. If the art sells, then at the end of the month, it may be taken by the new owner.
  • After approval, all artwork must be installed and then taken down during regular Unity office hours:  Sun – Thurs, 830am – 1130am.
  • Submit digital photos (include dimensions / size) to Grace in the office:  office@unityfc.org











Unity is proud to partner with ClimateWise!


What is ClimateWise, you ask?

ClimateWise” is a free voluntary business program that encourages the adoption of strategies proven to use energy, water, and land more efficiently, while generating less waste, lower operating costs and reducing greenhouse gases.”


Unity has achieved “Platinum” status – woot!









Ride Your Bike to Church!


bikerack in front

Got a problem? Biking can fix that!

We hope you are getting out on your bike—to come to church, to recreate, etc.—because it is perfect bike-riding weather!

Need to know the best route to take to Unity? Check out the Fort Collins bike map.

Need more Fort Collins area bike info? Check out the city biking page.

Want to get the Fort Collins biking newsletter? Go here to sign up.

We now have covered bike parking in the front of the building (that’s the lovely and graceful Stella parked there).

Why should you ride your bike to church?
Because riding your bike will change your life for the better!
Not convinced? Here’s the science:

Top 40 Reasons Why You Should Ride A Bike
(And Change Your Life)

Want more info on how to get started riding your bike more?
Read this and/or talk to Grace in the office; she’s been riding her bike as her main form of transportation for over 7 years now.






The Tunitics group!


Contact Peggy to join the Unity choir. 







Need childcare at a Unity evening or

weekend event?


No worries.

Just contact Pam at least 24 hours ahead of the event and Unity will pay for childcare for that event. Please note that Unity can provide childcare for evening and weekend events only, as it is almost impossible to find anyone to help during weekdays. 



The Council & staff recognize the need for childcare at Unity events. And Unity is happy to pay someone in order to give you more opportunities to join in.

If you need childcare at a Unity event, please be so kind as to contact Pam
(text please: 970-391-8374) at least 24 hours before an event to let her know, so that she can arrange it.

And then if you “order” childcare and your plans change, please be so kind as to let her know, so she can plan accordingly.

Join the Childcare List

If you would like to be on a list to provide childcare and be paid for your time, please contact Pam to let her know. She is accepting adult as well as teenage candidates for this list.

Thank you! 🙂












Unity has a Facebook page! For interactive info on events, happenings, news, etc., LIKE us on Facebook!











The Uni-Teams



A few years ago, when we had the forums and asked folks what they wanted to see at Unity, you asked for more personal interaction. You asked to get involved. So the Uni-Teams were born. At that time, the teams were formed according to the interests folks spoke of.

Since that time, some of the teams have thrived, some have lost energy. So at your request, we have reorganized them. Have a look at what’s available and let us know if you’d like to participate in one (or more!).

Don’t see a team for a subject/area that you’re passionate about? No worries.
Pitch your team idea to us. You can even be the chairperson.


Here is a list of the current teams and their description:


OutReach Team 

  • Provide service to help support under-served individuals and communities external to our Unity—in our neighborhood, town, state, country and world, enabling them to become more self-sufficient and prosperous.



Hospitality Team ~ Barb Wade

  • Focusing on raising community awareness of our 

wonderful Unity facility, and hosting additional appropriate events in our Unity home. We have several existing Unity hosts currently trained in sound system setup.



Facilities Team ~ Leane Gabel

Care of our Unity home

  • Includes building maintenance and improvements
  • Grounds upkeep and landscaping, ice mitigation, sprinkler system etc.



Community Life Team ~ Lil McBrien

  • Nurturing and caring for our Unity community in the form of movie nights, book study, education, classes, etc. “In-house” events for our Unity members to encourage bonding, engagement, education and spiritual growth.









Unity Weekly Newsletter

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Don’t move the Unity piano!


joythe piano

Our grand piano is named “Joy” and sits up on the stage in just the correct and appropriate spot. Why is that her specific spot and why can’t she be moved—not even by professional piano movers?


Because the stage used to be smaller. And when we got Joy, the stage was extended out and that new part was built to withstand her (considerable) weight. The old part of the stage is not built to withstand her weight and moving her to that part of the stage could result in Joy crashing right through the stage, damaging the stage and possibly herself.


So PLEASE! Do not move her—not even a little bit.









Prayer Requests

prayerrequestsSilent Unity
1-800-NOW PRAY (669-7729)

In need of a friendly voice and an affirmative prayer for yourself or someone else?


Silent Unity is a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week, even-on-holidays, all-faith, free support service provided by Unity Village, at Unity Headquarters, in Missouri. You simply call the number and you are greeted with a lovely recorded voice for a (very!) brief hold, then a live person comes on the line and talks to you and tells you that they are privileged to pray with you today, and asks how they may join you in prayer.


All requests are kept confidential.


After your prayer, he/she will ask if you would like to receive a support letter.


Then they take your prayer request and write it on a piece of paper and take that paper to their Chapel, where in 30-minute shifts, someone stays in prayer 24/7.
Your request is held there in their Chapel for 30 days, being prayed over constantly.


Myrtle Fillmore started Silent Unity as a prayer group. People started writing in and requesting prayers, and they would pray on those issues and answer the letters. When the amount of letters arriving became overwhelming, they had a phone line put in to handle more volume. This was in the early 1900’s. It has been a free, supportive service ever since.


You can call their number (1-800-669-7729) and talk to someone, email them, or you can even download an app for you mobile device.


You can also submit a written prayer request at our Unity. The Prayer Box is prayerboxlocated in the entry. Just write your request on a piece of paper and put it in the (locked) box. Peggy checks the box on Mondays and your information is kept confidential by her. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 970-482-1620 or contact via this website.


















Weekly Ongoing Unity Programs


Tuesdays, 10am—11:45am
Heart Talk in the Myrtle Room.
Facilitator:  Peggy  970. 980. 0656




Groups that Meet at Unity

Please contact the individual facilitators to verify times/dates/possible cancellations and for more detailed info.

A Course in Miracles
The Myrtle Room

Facilitators:  John & Kathe 970. 218. 3608

Geezer Yoga
The Big Room (off the kitchen)

Facilitator:  Mary Lucas   970. 381. 7682

Fort Collins Argentine Tango Practica
The Big Room (off the kitchen)
Facilitator:  Kevin Kim   970. 310. 7111

The Way of Mastery
The Myrtle Room

Facilitator:  Grace Burdette   970. 776. 6891