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“Like cathedrals and forests, metaphors of the psyche, we are never finished though always whole.” ~David Richo

News and Events

Update as of October 24, 2020:

In-person Activities at Unity

We hope this finds you and your loves ones well and happy, and doing okay within the COVID-19 uncertainty. We want to update you about what we have going on here at Unity.

Keeping the ordinances in mind, we are working on a multi-phased plan for doing activities in small groups in person here at Unity.To participate, you will need to adhere to these guidelines:

  • All participants must register ahead of time and sign a release/waiver form with name and phone number.
  • Only 10 to 20 participants, depending on the event.
  • Everyone will have their temperature taken with touchless forehead scanners upon entrance to the building, while everyone is wearing a mask. All pertinent symptom questions will be asked at this time.
  • Keep at least 6 feet apart at all times.
  • There will be access to one bathroom in the building and no one is allowed to be in other parts of the building during the event.
  • Masks must be worn at all times.
  • No use of Unity’s furniture (including outdoor furniture), dishes, silverware, etc.
  • There is to be no food brought into any events.
  • Everyone must bring their own drink and not share it.
  • We will be doing extra cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces such as light switches, doorknobs, faucets in the available bathroom, etc.

As we move through our phased plan, which is not fully defined at this point due to the uncertain nature of the pandemic, and begin to open up to more groups and, at some point, even get back into the building – for ALL groups and activities – we will keep you informed.

Thank you for your patience and stay well!



the at-a-glance calendar

October 24 ~ Unity Zoom Game Night ~ 7 pm ~ via Zoom
This Sunday, October 25 ~ Sunday Service with Special Guest Speakers & Singer/Songwriters, Mellissa Phillippe & Z Egloff! ~ 10 am ~ remote streaming on our Facebook page ~ to make donations go to our Links page
October 25 ~ Community Connection ~ 11 am ~ via Zoom
October 27 ~ Heart Talk online ~ 10 am
October 28 ~ Wednesday Meditation Service ~ 6 pm ~ live streaming on our Facebook page ~ to make donations go to our Links page
October 29 ~ Online Book Study Thursdays ~ 10 am
Sunday, November 1~ Sunday Service with Special Guest Speaker/Singer/Songwriter Karen Drucker, ~ 10 am ~ remote streaming on our Facebook page ~ to make donations go to our Links page
November 1 ~ Community Connection ~ 11 am ~ via Zoom
November 3 ~ Heart Talk online ~ 10 am
November 4 ~ Wednesday Meditation Service ~ 6 pm ~ live streaming on our Facebook page ~ to make donations go to our Links page
November 5 ~ Online Book Study Thursdays ~ 10 am
November 7 ~ Unity Community Yard Sale & Fundraiser ~ 10 am – 3pm
Sunday, November 8 ~ Sunday Service ~ 10 am ~ remote streaming on our Facebook page ~ to make donations go to our Links page
November 8 ~ Community Connection ~ 11 am ~ via Zoom
November 8 ~ Council Meeting ~ 12 noon ~ via Zoom
November 10 ~ Heart Talk online ~ 10 am
November 11 ~ Wednesday Meditation Service ~ 6 pm ~ live streaming on our Facebook page ~ to make donations go to our Links page
November 12 ~ Online Book Study Thursdays ~ 10 am
Sunday, November 15 ~ Sunday Service ~ 10 am ~ remote streaming on our Facebook page ~ to make donations go to our Links page
November 15 ~ Community Connection ~ 11 am ~ via Zoom
November 17 ~ Heart Talk online ~ 10 am
November 18 ~ Wednesday Meditation Service ~ 6 pm ~ live streaming on our Facebook page ~ to make donations go to our Links page
November 19 ~ Online Book Study Thursdays ~ 10 am
Sunday, November 22 ~ Sunday Service ~ 10 am ~ remote streaming on our Facebook page ~ to make donations go to our Links page
November 22 ~ Community Connection ~ 11 am ~ via Zoom
on our Facebook page ~ to make donations go to our Links page

For more information about upcoming events, see our calendar. Also check out the Unity “Get Involved” page to see all of our events throughout the year.



When is the last time you felt like this?

Take a break from the 2020 ‘rollercoaster’ and join in some fun with your fellow Unitics!!!

Zoom ‘Game Night’ @ Unity

Saturday, October 24th @ 7:00PM

Where: From the comfort of your own home.  No mask required 😊. All you need is a computer, IPAD, or smartphone.

What: We will play some funny, simple games (e.g. QUIPLASH,) that almost all ages can enjoy (via zoom).

Who: To sign up, simply send an email to Mike Hawes

You will get an invitation to join a zoom call to play the game. If there is enough interest, I will consider doing this more than once!

Looking forward to seeing you!




Preview for Sunday —
“Who You Gonna Call”

Dear Beloved Ones,

Many of us grew up with an angry, punishing God who lived outside of us. As such, building a personal relationship with a Deity outside of us evokes images of that old, punishing God. Modern metaphysical thought teaches that God lives within and all around us. This gives us the opportunity to build a personal relationship with a God outside of us while also acknowledging that God lives inside and all around us.

Embracing this paradox is the essence of the contemporary I/Thou relationship. Our message this Sunday, Who You Gonna Call?, will explore what the I/Thou relationship has to offer us as modern metaphysicians. Through story, music, and shared insights, Rev. Dr. Melissa Phillippe and Rev. Z Egloff will share how and why a conscious cultivation of the I/Thou relationship can transform your life.

Until then, may you remember that What is breathing you is far greater than any circumstance, stitualtion, or condition. Focus on the good and more good shall be revealed. And so it Is.
Have a blessed week!!

With great love and gratitude always,
“Centered in Love, Inspired by Spirit,
We Awaken, Connect, and Thrive!”


This Sunday ~ October 25th

Special Guest Speakers
Rev. Dr. Melissa Phillippe
Rev. Z Egloff

Melissa Phillippe is a singer-songwriter and teacher with nine albums of original music in release. She is also a Toltec Mentor personally trained by don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. Her wife, Z Egloff is a cartoonist, spoken word artist, and author of the spiritual humor blog, Life in Z-D: A Goofball’s Guide to Enlightenment.

Melissa and Z are both long-time students and teachers of consciousness and transformation. Over the years, they’ve developed unique techniques and practices for personal growth and expansion. These practices improve individual lives and make the world a better place!
At their virtual home, OhMyGod Life, they share their knowledge and joy in videos, music, books, blogs, cartoon memes, and more. They also speak, perform, and facilitate workshops and retreats world-wide.

Both Melissa and Z hold Masters Degrees in Consciousness Studies from Holmes Institute. Melissa also has an Honorary Doctorate from Holmes Institute for her years of service in the music and healing arena. Z also holds a Masters Degree from J.F.K. University in Spiritual Counseling Psychology.

Melissa and Z’s mission is to bring Radical Joy to the world!

OhMyGod Life!
Check out our Website
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Melissa’s preferred pronouns: She/Her
Z’s preferred pronouns: They/Them


You can watch the services/videos AFTERWARDS on our Facebook page or on our Sunday Podcasts page.


How Are You?

Would you like a phone call?


Would you like someone at Unity to call you—either once or on an on-going basis—to see how you are doing during
these weird times?

Do you need some help at your house?

Do you need groceries or medications delivered to you?

We can help with that!

Call Davine Young at 408-250-0430. She heads up our Unity Compassionate Care team. The members of this team are reaching out to our Unity folks – to talk, to help, to listen.

We would love to support you in whatever way we can!

For more info on how to take care of yourself and the ones you love during this time:



Rev. Liz is in the Building
and she would love to see you!!

You can stop by anytime to say hi and visit with her on Tuesdays between 11 am – 1 pm, wearing your mask and keeping the required 6 feet social distancing. Please call the office prior to stopping by, so we can gauge the number of people who would be stopping by and at what time you’ll be there.





T.E.A.M. logo


We have formed TEAMs (Together Everybody Achieves More) at Unity and we want to invite YOU to join us. We are especially in need of members and a chair for both the Admin Assistant Search and Music Leader Search TEAMs.
Please reference the list below for an idea of what our current TEAMs are about.

Membership – reach out to community to confirm membership; begin to discuss and redefine path to membership and definition of “member” at UnityFC
Financial – learn the ins and outs of our current policies and procedures; establish a budget
Youth Program – *create a community driven vision for our program; complete a search for a new Youth Program Leader; make hiring recommendations to council
Bylaws – Review and make recommendations for bylaw updates to be approved at a membership meeting
Admin Assistant Search – *IN NEED OF CHAIR* complete search and make hiring recommendations to council
Music Leader Search – *IN DESIRE OF NEW CHAIR* create a community driven vision for our music program; complete a search for a new Music Leader; make hiring recommendations to council
If you are interested in joining any of these TEAMs, please call or email the office (office@unityfc.org). We look forward to collaborating with you!



Join us after the remote service on Sunday mornings to visit, stay in touch, and connect.


Liz Luoma is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: UFC Sunday Online Community Connection

Sunday’s at 11am Mountain Time

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 817 872 201
Password: 674774



Unity of Fort Collins Community

Yard Sale and Fundraiser

November 7 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Come one, come all! This is an event you don’t want to miss. We are letting go of those items that are ready to find other homes in our area. For a Love Offering, you can have one or more of many items including: children’s books, toys, art supplies, office supplies, decorations, games, etc. This is your one opportunity to take what you can lovingly use and speaks to you.

100% of funds raised will go directly to Unity of Fort Collins
general fund. Any items that are left will be immediately
donated to various local non-profits.

The event will be held outdoors (weather permitting) at:

Unity of Fort Collins
1401 West Vine Drive, Fort Collins

All attendees are to follow State and CDC COVID-19 guidelines including wearing masks, social-distancing of 6 feet
and limited touching of objects.


If you have any questions, contact Denise Johnson at 970-214-3097.




(middle & high schoolers)

The Uniteens will meet every Sunday via Zoom with sponsor, Stacey Thompson, at 11:00am. Click https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3210230211 to join the online meeting. Contact Stacey for more info at Staceythompson702@gmail.com



Unity Youth Church and Property Updates

Claire Marshel and Kelly Maffei began cleaning and organizing the pre-school room this week. They completely emptied, cleaned, and started putting a fresh coat of white paint on the front section of the storage closet.

As they remove things from the Pre-K room and storage areas, they are sorting and organizing it all in the Big Room. Their plan is to sort and organize everything, clean the room and storage areas, work with the Youth Program TEAM to create a vision for decor, and decide what materials will be kept.

After sorting what can be released from Unity, the community will be invited in during office hours to see what’s there and rehome any of it (with a Love Offering if you feel called). After the community has had a chance to adopt any of the materials leaving Unity, the rest will be neatly packaged and donated.



Join Rick online every Tuesday at 10am Mountain Time:


Password: 093517




In-person Wednesday services have been suspended until further notice.

Services will be live-streamed on Facebook every Wednesday at 6pm, Mountain Time.

Here’s how to join us:  Go to our Facebook Video page at 6pm, and click on the video that says, LIVE. If you do not see LIVE, please be patient; that means the video has not started yet.

Please consider giving your usual weekly donation amount online.
This is our links page with a “Donate” button:  http://www.unityfc.org/links/



The Unfolding Now

The keys to self-knowledge and deep contentment are right here before us in this very moment—if we can simply learn to live with open awareness. In The Unfolding Now, A. H. Almaas presents a marvelously effective practice for developing the transformative quality of presence. Through a particular method of self-observation and contemplative exploration that he calls inquiry, we learn to live in the relaxed condition of simply “being ourselves,” without interference from feelings of inadequacy, drivenness toward goals, struggling to figure things out, and rejecting experiences we don’t want. Almaas explores the many obstacles that keep us from being present—including defensiveness, ignorance, desire, aggression, and self-hatred—and shows us how to welcome with curiosity and compassion whatever we are experiencing.


Zoom link:  https://zoom.us/j/282544458?pwd=bmFuZGxqWm8ya3NQMUl4TWFUV1RYQT09

Password: 093517


In-person Movie Nights have been suspended. Contact Lil at 970-690-6355 for more info.

(they have switched to the first FRIDAY of each month)


Donate Your Vehicle to Support Unity!




Unity is proud to partner with ClimateWise!


What is ClimateWise, you ask?

ClimateWise” is a free voluntary business program that encourages the adoption of strategies proven to use energy, water, and land more efficiently, while generating less waste, lower operating costs and reducing greenhouse gases.”


Unity has achieved “Platinum” status.


Ride Your Bike to Church!


bikerack in front

Got a problem? Biking can fix that!

We hope you are getting out on your bike—to come to church, to recreate, etc.—because it is perfect bike-riding weather!

Need to know the best route to take to Unity? Check out the Fort Collins bike map.

Need more Fort Collins area bike info? Check out the city biking page.

Want to get the Fort Collins biking newsletter? Go here to sign up.

We have covered bike parking in front of the building.

Why should you ride your bike to church?
Because riding your bike will change your life for the better!
Not convinced? Here’s the science:


The Uni-Teams


A few years ago, when we had the forums and asked folks what they wanted to see at Unity, you asked for more personal interaction. You asked to get involved. So the Uni-Teams were born. At that time, the teams were formed according to the interests folks spoke of.

Since that time, some of the teams have thrived, some have lost energy. So at your request, we have reorganized them. Have a look at what’s available and let us know if you’d like to participate in one (or more!).

Don’t see a team for a subject/area that you’re passionate about? No worries.
Pitch your team idea to us. You can even be the chairperson.

Here is a list of the current teams and their description:


OutReach Team 

  • Provide service to help support under-served individuals and communities external to our Unity—in our neighborhood, town, state, country and world, enabling them to become more self-sufficient and prosperous.


Hospitality Team 

  • Focusing on raising community awareness of our wonderful Unity facility, and hosting additional appropriate events in our Unity home. We have several existing Unity hosts currently trained in sound system setup.


Facilities Team

Care of our Unity home

  • Includes building maintenance and improvements
  • Grounds upkeep and landscaping, ice mitigation, sprinkler system etc.


Community Life Team

  • Nurturing and caring for our Unity community in the form of movie nights, book study, education, classes, etc. “In-house” events for our Unity members to encourage bonding, engagement, education and spiritual growth.


Unity Weekly Newsletter

Want to sign up for our weekly digital Newsletter and receive updates, news and love right in your email inbox? Great! Go here to get signed up.



Prayer Requests

prayerrequestsSilent Unity
1-800-NOW PRAY (669-7729)

In need of a friendly voice and an affirmative prayer for yourself or someone else?

Silent Unity is a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week, even-on-holidays, all-faith, free support service provided by Unity Village, at Unity Headquarters, in Missouri. You simply call the number and you are greeted with a lovely recorded voice for a (very!) brief hold, then a live person comes on the line and talks to you and tells you that they are privileged to pray with you today, and asks how they may join you in prayer.

All requests are kept confidential.

After your prayer, he/she will ask if you would like to receive a support letter.

Then they take your prayer request and write it on a piece of paper and take that paper to their Chapel, where in 30-minute shifts, someone stays in prayer 24/7.

Your request is held there in their Chapel for 30 days, being prayed over constantly.

Myrtle Fillmore started Silent Unity as a prayer group. People started writing in and requesting prayers, and they would pray on those issues and answer the letters. When the amount of letters arriving became overwhelming, they had a phone line put in to handle more volume. This was in the early 1900’s. It has been a free, supportive service ever since.

You can call their number (1-800-669-7729) and talk to someone, email them, or you can even download an app for you mobile device.

You can also submit a written prayer request at our Unity. The Prayer Box is prayerboxlocated in the entry. Just write your request on a piece of paper and put it in the (locked) box. All notes are kept confidential unless otherwise requested. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 970-482-1620 or contact via this website.



Weekly Ongoing Unity Programs


Tuesdays, 10am—11:45am
Heart Talks



Groups that Meet at Unity

These groups are outside of Unity’s purview, so please contact the individual facilitators to verify times/dates/possible cancellations and for more detailed info.


A Course in Miracles
Wednesdays – 10am
The Myrtle Room
Facilitators: John & Kathe 970. 218. 3608


Geezer Yoga
Wednesdays – 11:45am
The Big Room
Facilitator: Mary Lucas 970. 381. 7682


The Way of Mastery
Thursdays – 10am
The Myrtle Room
Facilitator: Grace Burdette 970-776-6891


Dances of Universal Peace, Chant Group, and
Women’s Spirituality & Everyday Life Group
Various times and dates – contact Sara for more info
The Rumi Room
Facilitator: Saraswati Rain 970. 337. 5275