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“Of course the mind can rationalize fighting back…but the heart, the heart would never understand. Then you would be divided in yourself…the heart and the mind…and the war would be inside you.” ~His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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May 5, 2016

How well do you know yourself? Do you know what nurtures your divine Spirit? What nurtures your human Being?

Mother’s Day – whatever our personal circumstances or relationship with that day – brings up the obvious opportunity to reflect on the topic of “mothering” or NURTURING.

As children of divine Spirit, we have divine genes. And yet we are also each unique in our human forms. Siblings differ in temperaments, personalities, talents, experiences, etc. The job of a parent is not to mold a child into something, but to help the child find out who they really are and to nurture them in that discovery and growth process.
But that’s not just the job of biological parents. It’s a commitment that we all are called to make. As we grow we all need to learn how to nurture ourselves and each other.
Sue Monk Kidd says it this way: “You have to find a mother inside yourself. We all do. Even if we already have a mother, we still have to find this part of ourselves inside.”
“Nurture” is the topic for Sunday.
Much love,








April 28, 2016

“April showers bring May flowers.” Even though Colorado weather has its own opinion about the timing of it all, this Sunday is May Day!

The ancient Celtic feast of Beltane is celebrated on this day to mark the start of the bright half of the year. I invite you to join me in reflecting on the language of flowers and some of the ways they teach and nurture us as spiritual beings having a human experience. As Emerson said, “Earth laughs in flowers.”

Much love,












April 21, 2016

When I take the time to contemplate and connect with Mother Earth, I cannot contain the joy and gratitude and abundance and love that wells up in my heart. I don’t know how to express the awe I feel for this mysterious ball of incredible beauty that floats through space, all the while giving herself to me and to you and to all beings
with never-ending generosity!


This Sunday, we will add our voices to those who are honoring our planet in celebration of Earth Day
(Friday, April 22nd). The Unitics will be playing Peter Mayer’s song, “Blue Boat Home.” If you have a poem or some other creative expression of gratitude for our planetary home, I invite you to bring it to share with all of us as we gather in our weekly services.


Much love,













April 14, 2016

I will never forget how uncomfortable I was when first introduced to expressive body movement at an InterPlay playshop. I was so self-conscious I wanted to curl up in a corner and hide.

Oh my gosh, was I ever surprised to discover how much WISDOM this body holds! As I slowly began to let go of all the negative messages I had accumulated about my body over the years, I began to explore what it was like to let my body speak.
And sing. And dance!

Sometimes the dance is a lament; sometimes it is a celebration.
Most times, it’s beyond words.
All times, it is prayer.


The Kalahari Bushmen are one of the most ancient civilizations on the planet
(at least 40,000 years old!). The Bushmen value a full-bodied experience of life. They teach us that understanding the mystery of life is less important than
participating in it. They invite us to dance more and talk less.
(Way of the Bushmen, by Bradford & Hillary Keeney)
This Sunday the service will be centered around “Dancing with God.”  Dancing with the mysterious, vibratory life force. Flowing with impermanence.

Hafiz says,

“The miraculous existence and impermanence of
Always makes the illumined ones
Laugh and sing.”
Come dance with me!
Love, Peggy









March 6, 2016

Last week I talked about the power of prayer. In reflecting on that topic, I came across a Hindi proverb, “Patience is the greatest prayer.”


What a beautiful, inspiring – and challenging! – statement. As it happens, the importance of patience has come up over and over since then. So I decided on patience as my topic for this Sunday.


The Universe agrees. This morning, when I sat down to compose my email to Grace and Franklin with this week’s bulletin information, my inbox contained an article from the Greater Good Science Center, entitled, “Four Reasons to Cultivate Patience.”


(All right, already! I have been working on this personal growth area since forever. Can’t I be done yet?!)


Waiting patiently for more to be revealed, Peggy


P.S. – In our second service we will be blessing Jack Augenstein, son of Amy and Jordan and little brother to Jude. What a perfect way to celebrate Spring!


March 31, 2016

I have been thinking a great deal about prayer lately. Our 4th Unity principle emphasizes the power in affirmative prayer. Sometimes, however, I think we can get a little too tied up in knots trying to “do it right.”

Every spiritual tradition has its definition of what prayer is. My experience of it changes daily – sometimes hourly! But whatever it is, it makes a difference.

A Sufi story out of Making the Gods Work for You, by Caroline Casey, tells of a student who complains to his teacher about the cruel realities of the world. The teacher replies, “Yes, of course, but if it weren’t for the hidden work of those who pray, imagine, dream, and act compassionately when the opportunity presents itself, things would be much worse.”

I invite you to reflect on both the simplicity and the depth of the transformative nature of prayer with me on Sunday. May all beings be healed.
Love, Peggy


March 17, 2016

Is it already St Patrick’s Day? What an amazing adventure this life is!

Sunday we will be blessed with some very special music by Paul Temple, evoking “Deep Peace.”

Thich Nhat Hanh said: “Be peace, don’t just talk about it.” I plan to reflect on peace in my talk and to refer to Madeleine L’Engle’s imaginary St. Patrick’s Rune:

At Tara in this fateful hour,

I place all Heaven with its power,

And the sun with its brightness,

And the snow with its whiteness,

And the fire with all the strength it hath,
And the lightning with its rapid wrath,
And the wind with its swiftness along its path,
And the sea with its deepness,
And the rocks with their steepness,
And the Earth with its starkness
All these I place By God’s almighty help and grace
Between myself and the powers of darkness.


Blessed be!

Love, Peggy



March 9, 2016

When I retired from the Geller Center in December, I was given the gift of a vacation trip to the ocean, which I will be enjoying next week over Spring Break. I will be in north San Diego, playing on the sands of the Great Healer as my daughter and I introduce my grandson to the magnificence of the Pacific (maybe I will get to hear that guru trumpet player again!). I wish you all a great week while I am away, and I look forward to seeing you on the Spring Equinox, bursting with new life.

Love, Peggy



March 3, 2016

What a wonderful, loving community we have! Thank you so much for all your support this past week and a half, as I have been recovering from my emergency appendectomy. Your prayers, thoughts, cards, meals, flowers and huge love have made this the easiest surgery I have ever been through. A special thanks to Annette Thomas, who organized the meal brigade.  🙂


And thank you, Franklin, Grace and Pam, for doing such a great job of leading the Annual Meeting and the Sunday services. I am doing really well—and more grateful than ever for Unity of Ft Collins!


This place is magic!




PS – Sunday I’ll be sharing some thoughts on how this whole experience has helped me recover my mustard seed (more to be revealed).







February 11, 2016

Sunday happens to be Valentine’s Day. Yet another holiday that can be tender and wonderful for some, while bringing up loneliness and grief for others. As with all of life, there are lessons to be learned and healing to be given no matter what our situation. I have a friend in her 80’s who recently said to me, “I finally understand that all life is about coming back home to your Self and returning to your Source.”

For me, learning to love myself is a key part of coming home to mySelf. And that learning is definitely a life-long journey for me. 

There are times when I can really access that Knowing, that Love. And then there are those times when it feels impossibly far away, and I struggle like hell to find my way back.

What better day to reflect on the theme of Self Love than Valentine’s Day? As Oscar Wilde said, “Learning to love yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” 

(Have you ever seen that on a Hallmark card?)
In Love with you,





February 7, 2016

February 7th is a special day for me. It’s the day my German grandmother was born. And it’s the day my grandson was born. Maria and Felix. Two powerful names for two amazing people. There’s even more to the story.

So I have to do a talk on synchronicity on Sunday. Super Bowl or not.

(Oh, and by the way, my daughter—Felix’s mother—was born on Super Bowl Sunday!)


In Joy and Gratitude, Peggy




January 21, 2016

I feel like the sun has been playing hide-and-seek this week. And every time I am about to give up, he blazes forth and proclaims, “Here I am!”

But before I have time to get complacent, he goes into hiding again. For some reason this has reminded me of Meister Eckhart saying, “God is like a person who clears his throat while hiding and so gives himself away.”

Epiphanies are like that. A sudden moment of clarity. An instant of illumination that changes one’s whole perception. This Sunday we’ll explore stories about some of those moments in the lives of somewhat famous people. (Next Sunday, it might be YOU sharing one of those


May your week be blessed with illuminations of love.






December 23, 2015

Dear friends,

   My heart is so full of joy and gratitude for all of you this Christmas.  Thank you for all of your beautiful, kind affirmations of me this week. What an amazing and powerful experience it is to receive so many expressions of love. It has made me even more aware of what a priceless gift we give when we take the time to say our gratitude out loud and to name the good we see in each other. I thank you for your incredible gift of love to me this Christmas. I pray for healing and peace in all the ways each of you most needs at this time, trusting that you too will receive incredible gifts of appreciation and love in this magical season.

Abundant Joy,





December 16, 2015

Joy is an ever green, mysterious wonder, who lives in the heart of every one of us.

Sometimes her voice is a quiet whisper, sometimes a vibrating hum, sometimes an exuberant shout. At times it seems as though she has disappeared, but no! We must simply look more deeply. She can always be found, even in the shadows. For those who pay attention, she is ever present, singing her love song through darkest night and deepest despair.


Perhaps I’ll see you on this last Sunday before Christmas when we will reflect further on Joy. May your week be filled with ever deeper awareness of this evergreen companion in your life!