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“The ego attempts to use spirit for its purposes, and always fails. The spirit uses ego for its purposes, and always succeeds.” ~Alan Cohen

Restoring the Image.

December 27, 2018


Generations of exposure to the elements of nature, severity, and neglect leave an opaque film over the original image of the painting. Restoration is the delicate and tedious process of removing the effects of that pollution, revealing the image as it was first created, and as the artist intended it to be seen.

The person doing the restoring not only has to understand the chemical processes and techniques used for restoration, they also have to be aware of the artist’s work so that the original aesthetic remains when the restoration is complete.

How then can the residue of our own exposure to the world be removed, and the image of the divine within us be restored?

If we compare the intent of many, if not all, of the spiritual traditions of the world, we have our answer. Each one of them, in its own way, is pointing us to the truth of our nature – we are the very image of the divine, awaiting the time when our awareness and ownership of that truth is fully realized.

Then we’ll begin to see ourselves and each other with all the color and brilliance of our original light.

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