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“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” ~Dalai Lama

Thank you so much for your interest in our Spiritual Leader (minister) search!  Here is information about each candidate, including their talk here at our Unity, for your perusal:




Liz Luoma


Saturday, October 19th, 1-4pm, at Unity, in the Big Room—workshop entitled “The Still Small Voice, Tuning into Divine Guidance.” Everyone is welcome to participate in this FREE event. Is there a way to tune into the Wisdom and Guidance of a Higher Power? How do we access this Guidance? How do we differentiate between the Divine Voice and the multitude of thoughts in our own minds? Come join Rev. Liz in this interactive, experiential workshop where you will learn specific techniques and practices that will enhance your ability to tune into the wisdom and guidance of the Divine Mind within you today!!


Sunday, October 20th, 10am—Sunday morning service:  “Dancing with the Divine.” In  life we all face challenges which are actually just opportunities for the Divine to come into a greater expression of Itself in and as our lives! What if everything we experience is really just an opportunity to learn a new language, the intimate language of the Divine.



Sunday, October 20th, 11am, Rumi Room—Meet-and-greet event after the service. Come join us as we get to know Liz. Includes snacks.

Videos of her speaking:

Liz Luoma’s bio:

Liz Luoma is a dynamic speaker, teacher, and a licensed, ordained minister who recently served as the minister at the Spiritual Center for Positive Living in El Dorado Hills, as the Senior Minister for 6 years at the Center for Spiritual Living Tahoe-Truckee, 3 years as staff minister at CSL Newport-Mesa, and 3 years as a “mobile” minister in Orange County, CA. and Canada.


She is a master communicator and presenter whose mission & passion in life is to help people awaken to the Truth of Who they are as Spiritual Beings and to provide the tools necessary to live with more Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony, and Freedom in all areas of their lives. Liz is passionate and highly skilled in leading growth workshops and teaching classes using Universal Life principles, love, humor, and practical application steps.


She is the founder of “Success-4-Life Ministries,” has a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communications and Human Services, a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, and completed her ministerial training at Emerson Theological Institute in 2005 and with Centers for Spiritual Living in 2011. Rev. Liz became vetted with Unity Worldwide Ministries in September 2018.


Liz presently resides in Citrus Heights with her newly-wedded beloved wife, Davine Joy Young, who is also an ordained minister, now vetted with Unity as well! Sharing ministry together, they call themselves the “Happily Ever Laughter Love Ministers” bringing the energy of Love, Joy, and Light to everyone they serve and are with!
















~ Michael Brooks  

Saturday, October 26th, 1-4pm, at Unity—workshop entitled, “Relationships, From a Spiritual Point of View.” Relationships that work all the time is one of the most important promises of living a prosperous life. We learn a great deal about wealth, health, and occupation (or avocation) and not so much about relationships. This workshop will bring us to a greater understanding of how to release, create, develop, and maintain the extraordinary gifts in relationships. All are encouraged to attend this FREE workshop.


Sunday, October 27th at 10am—Sunday morning service: “Help Me” (the power of vulnerability). Many of us were taught to “just do it.” Many of us are too timid to ask for help. Some of us see getting help as a sign of weakness. Let’s explore vulnerability and the power it possesses. It may change your life.



Sunday, October 27th, 11am, Rumi Room—Meet-and-greet event after the service. Come join us as we get to know Michael. Includes snacks.


Videos of him speaking:

Oct 23, 2014

Jun 12, 2014

Various Dates


Michael’s bio:

Michael Brooks is committed to personal growth through expanding his awareness while helping others with their spiritual path. He has spent the last 14 years serving ministries in Ohio and Arizona as an Ordained Unity Minister and spiritual leader. He employs a comfortable and humorous story telling style of speaking that brings inspiration and education to his talks and lessons.


He has completed Unity’s Continuing Education Program CEP and is a 2007 graduate of Unity School of Christianity. Michael is active in 12-step recovery with over 30 years of  sobriety. He has also completed the Lombard Menonite Peace keeping and Mediation Skills Training. He is partnering with his wife Rev. Meghan Smith Brooks in their latest endeavor Unity Awakening Ways.

















~ Nat & Suzanne Carter  

Saturday, November 2nd, 1-4:15pm—Each person will conduct a 90-minute workshop entitled, “Create a Mindfulness Practice,” includes meditations.

Suzanne’s 90-minute workshop:

Create a Mindfulness practice to stay connected to your Authentic Self. This is a 2-hour workshop to enable you to connect to the Truth of who you are using the Master Mind steps. You will be supported to know how to do this every day.

Nat’s 90-minute workshop:

Masterful Meditations

Charles Fillmore was once asked, “What do you people do in Unity?” He answered, “Enter the silence and affirm the truth.” This is still a clear foundation of Unity practices. This workshop will explore 3 different ways to enter the silence of meditation and clarify a personal practice that works for you.


Sunday, November 3rd, 10am—Sunday morning service:  “Heal your Life and Live Your dreams by Connecting with God, Self, and Others.” At the core of every spiritual tradition is the experience of oneness and the practice of love. Each of us is called to connect to the Truth of who we are. When we do this, we find ourselves in oneness with all of creation. Then, from the depths of connection, we can be transformed and make a difference in the world.

Sunday, November 3rd, 11am, Soup for the Soul—Meet-and-greet Nat & Suzanne after the service at our annual, Soup for the Soul event.


Videos of their talks & meditations:

Oct 24, 2013




Suzanne’s bio:

Suzanne Carter, M.A., L.P.C. has been a Unity minister for 32 years and a psychotherapist for 35.

Suzanne has served churches in MO, MI, WA and CO.

She is the Author of the  book, “All Children Are Gifted: Raising Spiritually Aware Children”

She blends both psychological and spiritual perspectives in her work  so that clients and their issues can be addressed holistically. She provides a safe and supportive environment for exploring and resolving obstacles to growth and well being.

She currently leads workshops and guest speaks and does counseling for couples, adults, children and families in the greater Denver area.


-35 years experience as a therapist

-Certified grief recovery specialist

-Certified Equine Assisted psychotherapist

-Author of book, “All Children Are Gifted: Raising Spiritually Aware Children”

-Master of Arts, Psychology

-Licensed in CO, MI and WA

-Graduate and Ordained Minister, Unity School of Religious Studies

-Completed Experiential and Psychodrama training, Onsite Training and Consulting, Inc.


Nat’s bio:  

I have been working with many spiritual communities as a UWM transitional ministry specialist for the last few years. My preparation for this and my experience of this has been extraordinarily valuable for me and for the ministries served. My working collaboratively with leadership in these churches and my installing elements of Unity Worldwide’s Thriving in Ministry model has dramatically altered my experience of ministry. I have become very community and mission focused while maintaining strong leadership skills. As satisfying as interim ministry has been for me, I miss having the time and experience of implementing the recommendations that follow my assessments of a ministry. Returning to full-time ministry at a single church affords me the opportunity to follow through and see the results.  I also found that my interim ministry was more with the church and its systems rather than with the people of the community. That is an important distinction for me; both are essential. The most difficult part of my interim experience has been saying goodbye to so many so often.  I am looking for a spiritual community open to growth, health and sustainability in which I can collaboratively work in creating a thriving mission-centric Unity church. I am confident that Unity of Fort Collins is that place.