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“When we begin to bring consciousness to what we are making things mean, we may be shocked at the messages we have been feeding ourselves all these years. Try taking the reigns and begin assigning a kinder meaning to the events in your life and you will likely find yourself on a much more pleasant ride. ” ~Madisyn Taylor

Surrender into the Knowing that You Know.

May 21, 2020

This Sunday we welcome guest speaker Davine Young.

From Davine:

I will be speaking about Surrender and Intuition from the book, Guidance From the Darkness, by Rev. Murray Sheldon.

Have you ever just known something so clearly and certain and not really known how or why? Well, that’s what I’ll be speaking about. How we can allow ourselves to trust our own intuitive nature by getting out of the way and listening to that which wants to be known.

I look forward to sharing with you on Sunday at 10am.





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