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“There is only one path to heaven; on Earth we call it Love.” ~Ayn Rand

The Garden—Cultivating Nourishing Relationships.

April 23, 2020

This Sunday we complete our talk series from “Happy for No Reason – 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out” by Marci Shimoff as we move into the garden of our relationships.



Marci writes, “The people in your life are the garden surrounding your Home for Happiness. When you look around your garden, do you see beautiful roses and dahlias, or a neglected patch of weeds? Our relationships affect us in a similar way – either uplifting us, or dragging us down. Happy people cultivate relationships in their lives that nourish and support their happiness.”



How are the current relationships in your life today and how could you create a garden of flourishing relationships that are uplifting, joyful and fulfilling?



Come join us at our 10 am Facebook Sunday service as we learn about the three powerful Happiness Habits you can begin using today in creating nourishing, supportive, and more unified relationships in your life. Turn your garden of relationships into the most beautiful, enjoyable expression of happiness possible now!! See you Sunday!



Until then, be safe, be well, and know You are Loved!!



With great gratitude and love always,