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“Every time I practice courage, I contribute to my prosperity.” ~Daily Word Oct. 27, 2015

The Gift of Uncertainty.

June 4, 2020

Do you ever find yourself feeling worried, concerned, or frightened with thoughts of the future? Of your future or the future of our world?

Fear, insecurity, and worry are a natural part of our human existence. As a species, we’ve been conditioned by fear in basically a fear-based world. And our biggest fears tend to live in the World of the Unknown. We are conditioned to survive,to be secure, to stay safe, which often then becomes the box or prison of our lives, living only from that which is known.

Yet, the Life Force that is breathing me, that’s breathing you and all of creation, is ever seeking a greater, freer, more expanded expression of Itself as you. This means we must go—and need to go—beyond that which is known, into the land of Uncertainty where Life truly is found and lived.

This Sunday we begin our series of talks based on the book, “The Art of Uncertainty – How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It” by Dennis Merritt Jones. I highly encourage you to purchase this book and also to join us in the 7-week class series, “Living in the Mystery and Loving It,” (see details below).

This is the time we’re all being called to go within, to face our fears, and to move into the greatest expression of this thing called Life. Fear is a natural expression of the Divine and has gifts to offer us if we are willing to face them. Please join me in this sacred work as together we move into the dance of Uncertainty, the Unknown, knowing that it’s only here that we can truly create a world that works for everyone. Blessed be.

With great love and gratitude always,





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