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“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ~Confucius

The Pillar of the Body—Cellular Happiness.

March 19, 2020


Could there be a more perfect time than now to be focusing on this week’s message/lesson on “The Pillar of the Body,” showing us how we can create happiness and healthfulness in and as the very cells of our own bodies? As we face this experience of the coronavirus, I’m reminded again of Jack Canfield’s simple equation: “E + R = O (Events + Response = Outcome).”

It’s true we can’t control the events in life; however, we do have the ability and capacity to choose how we respond to events, which is where our true power lies. We may have initial reactions to events (“Isn’t that Interesting?”), which is totally normal as we are human. Yet as spiritual beings, we can choose to see and respond to events from our Higher Self/Nature.

Most of us are aware of the many ways we are being advised to keep ourselves as healthy as possible.This Sunday, I’ll be sharing various practical ways from a spiritual perspective that will assist us in creating vibrant health and happiness within, and as, the very cells of our bodies!


Come listen, via our online Facebook Live-streamed service this Sunday, as we shift, lift, and gift ourselves with the highest vibration as Divine Love expressing as the very cells of our bodies in each and everyone of us. Blessed be!

Stay warm. Stay safe Beloved Ones!!

With great gratitude and love always,