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“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” ~Maya Angelou

The Roof—Living a Life Inspired by Purpose.

April 15, 2020

Dear Beloved Unity Family,

We’re returning this week to our talk series, “Happy for No Reason – 7 Steps to Being Happy for the Inside Out” by Marci Shimoff.
This week we engage in putting the roof on our “Happiness Home” by exploring what our purpose in life is at this time in our lives.

You may think it’s strange or “interesting” to be looking for our purpose in life when we are in the midst of uncertainty because of this pandemic experience; however, I believe this is actually the perfect time to deepen our understanding of what our life purpose is and how we can live our lives from our deeper purpose today and into the future.

We always have the choice to either contract or to expand in our beingness in every area of our lives, including our life purpose.

This Sunday we’ll explore what “purpose” actually means, plus how to find your passion and purpose; how to engage in taking inspired actions every day, and a way you can discover what your calling is in contributing to something even greater than yourself.

Again, this is the perfect time for us to raise the roof of our consciousness—to discover what Greatness living within, through, and as, you and me is now ready to be revealed and lived full-on—today and in all the days and years to come.

And so it Is!!

See you Sunday, beloved One!!

With great gratitude and love always,