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“The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing.” –German Proverb

The Tunnel of Transformation—Free at Last.

April 9, 2020

During this time of Easter we have the opportunity to have a living experience of resurrection when we look to Jesus not as a savior, but as a Master Teacher and Great Way-shower. He showed us a way, not the only way, but one that, if followed, can create true freedom from all discord, fear, lack and limitation, and even death itself.

It’s recorded in the Bible that while “dying” on the cross, Jesus said “seven last words/statements.” The crucifixion story and these seven last words, metaphysically interpreted and made relevant for us today, offer a brilliant blueprint for transformation – for letting go of any ideas of separation, fear, doubt, untruths and transcending or resurrecting into our next level of expansion and consciousness.

No greater message could we have for ourselves and our world today as we move through this time of cocooning and break through the barriers of the limited sense of self to the true liberated expression of the Christ Consciousness now ready to be revealed as each and everyone of us!

No matter where we are in the journey of our own Self-Becoming, the seven last words of Jesus on the cross gives us all clear guidance on the path of our Self-Realization as God-Beings in human expression.

Come join our music director, Franklin Taggart, along with special guest singers, and myself this Easter Sunday as we rise up together as the brilliant radiant beams of Divine Love and Light that we truly are.

Until then, be safe, wash your hands, and Know that You Are Loved!!

See you Sunday!

With great love and gratitude always,