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“Everything that turns one in the direction of God is prayer.” ~Ignatius Loyola

Together We Rise.

April 26, 2018


Sunday is ONE SERVICE UniTeam Day!  We will have the leaders of our various teams and projects available with information in the lobby after our service. In addition, several team members will share some stories about the lessons and joys they have experienced being part of a “UniTeam.”


Teamwork…  We talk to our children about it. We lift it up as a value in the workplace. It makes all the difference in sports, in symphonies, in problem-solving. 


We have teams at our Unity. (We decided a couple of years ago to call them teams instead of committees.) Our teams do all kinds of great work:  community life activities, outreach projects, care for our facilities, and more. 


But all of us together at Unity are also a team. It’s a hokey way of saying that we are co-creators. 


However, talking and doing are two different things! Learning to work cooperatively can sometimes go against our upbringing, American culture, and our egos wanting to be in control.


I invite you to reflect on this with me on Sunday, and to hear a bit more about the possibilities at Unity of Fort Collins.


With Love,



Quote to ponder:  “Try to feel your oneness with everybody. When you do, immediately you will expand your consciousness. If someone does something well, immediately you have to feel that it is you who have done it. S/He should also do the same when you do something significant. Whenever any individual does something very well, others have to feel that it is their conscious inspiration and aspiration that have enabled that individual to achieve this success. If we always have an attitude of teamwork, then we will be able to conquer the ego.”

Sri Chinmoy




Peggy Christiansen is the Spiritual Leader at Unity of Fort Collins. She has over 25 years of ministry experience working with diverse populations, a M.Div. from San Francisco Theological Seminary, and a special interest in helping people find and/or develop their unique spiritual paths. Listen to podcasts of her Sunday talks.