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“Don’t shrink. Don’t puff up. Just stand your sacred ground.” ~Brene Brown

Transformation—The Beginning.

April 2, 2020

This Sunday, April 5th, Psalm Sunday, begins what is traditionally known in the Christian religion, as the Holy Week…the week leading up to Easter.

Metaphysically, Psalm Sunday is the beginning of the greatest transformation known to mankind – the dying of false beliefs, ego mind, lack, limitation – and the Awakening to the Absolute Truth of Who We Truly Are – as God-Beings in human form.

We are presently at this time in history, experiencing mega-transformation on all levels of being. For us, this is the time when we collectively dive into the teachings and lessons of the transformation that is being called forth in our own personal lives and the world. Come join me as we travel down the roadway in consciousness into the city of Peace (metaphysically known as Jerusalem).

Let us all affirm and know together:

There is within each one of us a Power, a Presence and a Love so Immense and it Is here right now! Let us release right here and now any and all fears, doubts, worries, thoughts of lack and limitation. And let us walk boldly and triumphantly into the City of Divine Truth, Peace, and Love that heals all sense of separation and reveals the Oneness, the Unity, the Love, Peace, Wholeness, Abundance, and Joy that is our natural birthright now being Fully experienced and expressed by All beings everywhere!! I take a deep breath and I release this Word of Truth into the Divine action of the Law and Love that God is. I let it go. I let it be. And so It Is.

I look forward to being with you this Sunday at 10:00 am on our Unity of Fort Collins Facebook page.

Then please join us for fellowship and connection at 11:00, by clicking on the Zoom Link on our Unity of Fort Collins website (and below).

Until then, let us know together that:

The Light of God surrounds you. You are That Light. (I Am, We are…)
The Love of God enfolds you, You are That Love.  (I Am, We are…)
The Power of God protects you. You are That Power.  (I Am, We are…)
The Presence of God watches over you. You are That Presence.  (I Am, We are…)

With great love, gratitude and joyful blessings always,