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“May my body be a prayerstick for the world.” ~ Joan Halifax

The Uni-Teams



At Unity of Fort Collins—and at the request of our members—we created teams/committees for specific areas of interest to provide opportunities for Unity members to provide, participate, serve, and make a difference. Contact the Unity office if you need more info and/or are interested in joining a team:  970-482-1620.



~OutReach Teams~


These teams provide service to help support under-served individuals and communities external to our Unity—in our neighborhood, town, state, country and world, enabling those individuals to become more self-sufficient and prosperous.

We have several teams that fall under this category:


Guatemala Team ~ See more info here.

This team is partnered with a small village in Guatemala and makes service trips there about once a year. 


Days for Girls Team ~ Contact:  Nancy Peltola

This team works with Days for Girls International, an international organization making and providing reusable, culturally appropriate menstrual kits for girls and women all over the planet to ensure that girls stay in school.


~Hospitality Team~


Contact:  The Unity office, office@unityfc.org.

This team focuses on raising community awareness of our wonderful Unity facility, and hosting additional appropriate events in our Unity home. We have several existing Unity hosts currently trained in sound system setup and as projector technicians. Our Unity building and grounds are available for use by the public and organizations for approved activities, workshops, weddings, etc. Contact the office for more information about building use:  office@unityfc.org. 



~Facilities Team~


Contact:  The Unity office, leanegabel@comcast.net

This team provides care and love of our Unity home and grounds

  • ~Includes building maintenance and improvements
  • ~Grounds upkeep and landscaping, ice mitigation, irrigation system etc.



~Community Life Team~


Contact:  Lil McBrien 

This team nurtures and cares for our Unity community in the form of movie nights, book study, education, classes:  “In-house” events for our Unity members to encourage bonding, engagement, fun, education, and spiritual growth. This group is responsible for the great weekly Wednesday events at Unity, at which all folks (Unity members and not) are welcome.



~Compassionate Care Team~

Contact:  Davine 

If you need a ride to church, support before and after surgery, a medical emergency comes up and you need some support, a visit because you are inbound and would like connection, or are ill and would appreciate meals prepared and delivered, please call on our Compassionate Care Team.

We would love to support you to the level you need, whenever you need it. 



(check our calendar for more details on all events)