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“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night. ” ~Steve Martin

Your Amma Nature.

May 10, 2018


Often people make references to one’s Christ nature or one’s Buddha nature. But I don’t recall ever hearing a reference to one’s Amma nature, so I’m inventing the term!


Amma is an intimate word for mother or mom or mama. It implies immense tenderness and compassion.


There is a woman, a spiritual leader, who goes by “Amma,” and she is known as “the hugging saint.”  Amma receives people by the thousands — sometimes tens of thousands — hugging and blessing each one individually, answering their questions and wiping away their tears. Regardless of a person’s race, health, wealth, education, religion – or lack thereof — each person is accepted with the same fierce, motherly tenderness. So far she has embraced over thirty million people.


When asked about her religion, she says simply, “My religion is love and service.” She reminds me of Jesus and Buddha.


She also says, “always remember that your true family is the family of humankind.”  Her compassion is visible, palpable, shining.


The theme this Sunday is compassion. The intention is to connect with our Amma nature as we celebrate Presence. I look forward to our time together.


In Love,








Peggy Christiansen is the Spiritual Leader at Unity of Fort Collins. She has over 25 years of ministry experience working with diverse populations, a M.Div. from San Francisco Theological Seminary, and a special interest in helping people find and/or develop their unique spiritual paths. Listen to podcasts of her Sunday talks.