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It's All God: The Flowers and the Fertilizer

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Ginger is supplying a syllabus for It's All God. It is attached! Enjoy!

It's All God Study Guide 2020
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This week we are sharing the words and ideas of Walter Starcke about conscious evolution (chapter 2). Is humankind evolving? Starcke has an interesting thought about humankind. In the beginning there was a perfect concept of humankind, but that concept (that idea) is evolving over many centuries. Jesus and other spiritual teachers demonstrated that potential. ...

What do you think? Join us today at 1pm (Zoom 6239746443) and let's look at this idea... Jim

This coming Thursday we will be discussing a new book by Walter Starcke... a national bestseller... It's All God: THe Flowers and the Fertilizer.

We will have the group discussion facilitated by Ginger Stainbrook...

Take a look at this book... Consider joining us on Zoom at 1pm... Best of all, just do it! Your mind will bend; your thought process will upend; you will be challenged as never before; and you will be celebrating an hour well-spent!

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Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, get updates and share videos. We meet by Zoom on Thursdays at 1pm or 7pm. The Zoom session is 6239746443 with the same number as a password.

Starting Thursday, August 31, we will be exploring something new. Walter Starcke's national bestselling book takes you back to the roots of your spiritual foundations and propels you into a 21st century understanding of your power and your divinity. It will strike home with you - regardless of where you are on your spiritual path. With compelling clarity, Starcke decodes the Bible and explains the reasons for today's confusions. It offers us practical "how to" ways to live and have it all... spiritual growth, that is!

Ginger Stainbrook will be leading the discussion. You will find that she has a deep spiritual experience and will target us and challenge us with questions and examples to enhance the author's words.

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Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, ge...
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