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Spirituality: Many Lenses, Many paths

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Here is a copy of the transcribed text of Jesus, the Christ!

Jesus the Christ
Download PDF • 555KB


Here is an edited version of the video clip on Jesus, the Christ shown last Tuesday. You can re-read, print and discuss this on Tuesday at Unity of Fort Collins or on Thursday via Zoom


Tonight we will have an in-person discussion at Unity of Fort Collins. We will be discussing Reincarnation and then take a look at the Bible and what was excluded in 325 AD.

On Thursday night, 6:30, via Zoom in Session 6239746443 (same password) we will discuss: If God is all good, how did evil come about? Did God create evil?

Hope to see you there!

We are exploring Unity Spirituality through many lenses on Tuesday - in person at Unity of Fort Collins: 6:30pm. Also online via Zoom 6239746443 is the session number. We are moving at a different pace, so here are the subjects and dates:

Session 1 God

Session 2 Good and Evil

Session 3 Humankind Zoom April 4

Session 4 Personality, Individuality and Evolution - includes Reincarnation


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