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Spirituality: Many Lenses, Many paths

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The Mastery of Self

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Discussion 1 – February 2, 2023, pages 1-8

Based on the book, The Mastery of Self, Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.

Available at Unity of Fort Collins

Discussion Questions:

1. Don Miguel uses terminology that you might not be familiar with. In understanding his work, it is important that we understand his writing and maybe even find a synonym for the words he used. As an example, on page1, he uses the word “domestication.” What is that? Can you give an example of you being domesticated?

2. On page 1, he talks about paths. Is it true that all paths are no different than others? You may have been brought up as a Lutheran, Catholic or Baptist. Wasn’t that different than Unity?

3. Page 2: Nothing matters except the present. What matters to you in this moment?

4. Page 2: What is the personal dream? Give an example.

5. Page 3: How is the Personal Dream different than the Dream of the Planet?

6. Page 4: How do you become Master of Self? What are the qualities of a master. You will need to read the entire chapter to find these.

7. Give an example of a “trap” that you have fallen into. Be sure that your definition of a trap is what Don Miguel is talking about.

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