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Spirituality: Many Lenses, Many paths

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Tonight we will have an in-person discussion at Unity of Fort Collins. We will be discussing Reincarnation and then take a look at the Bible and what was excluded in 325 AD.

On Thursday night, 6:30, via Zoom in Session 6239746443 (same password) we will discuss: If God is all good, how did evil come about? Did God create evil?

Hope to see you there!

We are exploring Unity Spirituality through many lenses on Tuesday - in person at Unity of Fort Collins: 6:30pm. Also online via Zoom 6239746443 is the session number. We are moving at a different pace, so here are the subjects and dates:

Session 1 God

Session 2 Good and Evil

Session 3 Humankind Zoom April 4

Session 4 Personality, Individuality and Evolution - includes Reincarnation

If you have a problem printing the class materials, an attached copy should solve the printing problem that originated with booklets needing 11x17" paper. The third document on Humankind will start our discussion this week.

6:30 pm Tuesday at Univity of Fort Collins

6:30 pm Thursday on Zoom 6239746443 (session & passwrd)

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